> WeetaCon 2005

During the weekend of March 4 - 6, 2005, a group of internet friends decended upon an unsuspecting Green Bay, WI for three days of sleigh rides, High Maintenance Hamburgers, Karaoke, fried cheese curds and the infamous Bad Bar. It was an awesome weekend! Really! Just check out these pictures! Cheers!

01.  Inside Saint Brendan's Inn

01. Inside Saint Brendan's Inn

Obligatory shot of my gorgeous room at Saint Brendan's Inn. I totally forgot to get a shot of the chair that was beside the bed - it was a recliner! A recliner! In a hotel room! Decadent, I tell you!

02.  Inside Saint Brendan's Inn

02. Inside Saint Brendan's Inn

Sink area and "water closet". The "bathroom" area took up half of the room space! Half! It was very luxurious!

03.  Inside Saint Brendan's Inn

03. Inside Saint Brendan's Inn

The whirlpool tub. Oooh, yeah!! I chose this (and some of the wine I picked up after the sleigh ride) over going to the Bad Bar. Sure the Bad Bar was, er, bad (where "bad" means "good"), but a hot, steamy bubbling tub is just, well, better!

04.  Inside Saint Brendan's Inn

04. Inside Saint Brendan's Inn

That's a rainfall shower right there; probably the most incredible shower experience I've ever had! The water comes out gently, yet the pressure is good enough to rinse all the shampoo and conditioner out of one's hair. Truly awesome!

05.  Saint Brendan's Inn

05. Saint Brendan's Inn

Exterior shot of St. Brendan's Inn, a/k/a, WeetaCon Party Central!

06.  City Stadium

06. City Stadium

This is where the Packers used to play.

07.  Tailgating

07. Tailgating

WeetaConners gather for pre-sleigh ride beverages and general chit-chat.

08.  Sleigh Ride

08. Sleigh Ride

Walking out to the sleigh. Lookit all the snow! We truly had the perfect evening for this: they'd just gotten more light fluffy, snow that day, so the bare branches of the trees had about an inch of snow sitting on them. It was beautiful and magical!

09.  Sleigh Ride

09. Sleigh Ride

Chauffi and Weetabix.

10.  Sleigh Ride

10. Sleigh Ride

Here I am, breaking in my new flask! The flask was, incidently filled with some delicious grog - I tried the grog before I tried the Doctor, and after having some Doctor (and then having some more, then a little more, and hey, wouldja quit hogging the Doctor down there!), I dumped out the grog. It was good grog, though, don't get me wrong, it's just that the Doctor kicked the grog's ass and took names.

11.  Sleigh Ride

11. Sleigh Ride

All bundled up and ready to go!

12. Sleigh Ride

12. Sleigh Ride

More Weetacon attendees. Oh, and the guy in the cool ear-flap hat? Weet's hubby Esteban.

13.  Sleigh Ride

13. Sleigh Ride

Strike a pose! There were dozens of cool pictures like this, but sadly, my camera battery died. *sob*

14.  Sleigh Ride

14. Sleigh Ride

This is by far my favourite photograph I took this weekend!

15.  WeetaSwag!!

15. WeetaSwag!!

The ultimate WeetaCon Swag! Weet brought a bunch of wine and liquour from her liquour cabinet to the Tailgating after the Sleigh ride, and begged us to take stuff back with us, so she wouldn't have to try to take it home. I saw this lovely litre bottle of Hogue Cellars Merlot, and cheerfully took it off her hands!

15a.  Karaoke

15a. Karaoke

Weetabix and Chauffi.

15b.  Karaoke

15b. Karaoke


15c.  Karaoke

15c. Karaoke

Weetabix and her Crew -- word to yo mamma.

15d.  Karaoke

15d. Karaoke

Baby got back, yo.

15e.  Karaoke

15e. Karaoke

The super cute Jason.

15f.  Karaoke

15f. Karaoke

I really must apologize for the super poor quality of these pictures. I don't know if the lighting was just too low for the disposable camera I was using, or if it was an old camera, or what. Only a few came out worth a damn, however, like this one of Kelly and Jen scribbling down their song choices while Minarae and Boston Mary look on.

15g.  Karaoke

15g. Karaoke

Kind-of a cool swirly smokey effect on this one!

15h.  Karaoke

15h. Karaoke

Chauffi and Weetabix.

15i.  Karaoke

15i. Karaoke

Mare and The Jason (Single Dad Guy in the background).

15j.  Karaoke

15j. Karaoke

Kelly and Chauffi get down-n-dirty on the dance floor.

16.  The Swag Table

16. The Swag Table

A bounty of swaggy goodness! There were scarves, cows, and candy cigarettes, mix CDs, WeetaCon buttons and mini bottles of Kentucky whiskey, pendants, candy and condoms! And, much, much more!

17.  The Swag Table

17. The Swag Table

More yummy swag.

18.  Self-Portrait

18. Self-Portrait

Yup. That's me.

19.  Self-Portrait II

19. Self-Portrait II

Aren't these just the cutest darn shoes? I love them!

20.  Ha!

20. Ha!

I couldn't resist taking this picture! I haven't seen a cigarette dispenser in probably 25 years! It just cracked me up!

21.  Saint Brendan's Inn

21. Saint Brendan's Inn

A shot of the Fox River from the window at the end of the hallway. Again, I apologize for the distortion caused by the screen on the window.

22.  High Maintenance Hamburgers

22. High Maintenance Hamburgers

This has been mentioned in Weet's diary quite often, so it was imperitive that we all go experience the culinary treat that is the High Maintenance Hamburger, i.e., Joe Rouer's Bar.

23.  High Maintenance Hamburgers

23. High Maintenance Hamburgers

My God, just look at this awesome platter of incredible cheeseburgers! Seriously, y'all? These totally kick In-N-Out's butt! Also pictured: deep fried cheese curds and fried onion wedges. *drool* (pardon me.)

24.  Wisconsin

24. Wisconsin

Weet said this was the perfect picture to showcase Wisconsin in winter: flat and white. (picture taken just outside the High Maintenance Hamburger place)

25.  Lambeau Field

25. Lambeau Field

Hallowed ground, people! This is the Lambeau Field Atrium where the statues of Vince Lombardi and Curly Lambeau are.

26.  Lambeau Field

26. Lambeau Field

Home of the Green Bay Packers! Whoo!

27.  Lambeau Field

27. Lambeau Field

A shot of the Packers Pro Shop next to the Atrium.

28.  Lambeau Field

28. Lambeau Field

Another shot of the Packer's stadium.

29.  Lambeau Field

29. Lambeau Field

Statue of Earl "Curly" Lambeau in front of the Lambeau Field Atrium.

30.  Lambeau Field

30. Lambeau Field

Close-up of Curly Lambeau statue.

31.  Lambeau Field

31. Lambeau Field

Statue of Vince Lombardi in front of the Atrium.

32.  Lambeau Field

32. Lambeau Field

Close-up of Vince Lombardi statue.

33.  Lambeau Field

33. Lambeau Field

This is the back of the Lombardi statue. I love the detail of the hands clasped behind his back.

34.  Saint Brendan's Inn

34. Saint Brendan's Inn

The view out of my window at Saint Brendan's Inn. It would be much nicer, I'm sure, if there hadn't been a screen on the window. Still, it was a nice view!

35.  Saint Brendan's Inn

35. Saint Brendan's Inn

A shot from inside the restaurant at St. Brendan's.

36.  WeetaCon: The Ending

36. WeetaCon: The Ending

Single Dad Guy and Deb.

37.  WeetaCon: The Ending

37. WeetaCon: The Ending

Mare, Scotty BoomBoom, Petrouchka and Minarae.

38.  WeetaCon: The Ending

38. WeetaCon: The Ending

Oh, there's a whole bunch of diarist here: Mare, TranceJen, Single Dad Guy, Deb, Petrouchka; I think Science Girl is in there, and is that Jessi? I'm not good identifying people from the back of their head.

39.  WeetaCon: The Ending

39. WeetaCon: The Ending

Minarea showing off her numerous boobie stickers from her trip to The Bad Bar. Yours truly did not go to The Bad Bar, so, no, my boobies are not included.

40.  WeetaCon: The Ending

40. WeetaCon: The Ending

Jessi and Chauffi say farewell.