More Pictures

There are a few Karaoke pictures up in the WeetaCon Album (they're in the midde to keep the whole thing in chronological order). I am bitterly disappointed in the poor quality of the pictures. I'm not sure if the light was just too low for the disposable camera I was using, or what the problem was, but they were all fuzzy, dark, and very few were post-worthy.


My body is rebelling. My arteries are complaining, "Wait a minute! These aren't fried cheese curds!" My lungs are griping, "What's this? Fresh air? The hell? Where's the nicotine, bitch?" And my liver is whining, "I need the Doctor!!"

Heh. Read all about my Green Bay adventure here.

Photos are here. Part two and Karaoke pictures will be up soon! Cheers!

All's Well That Ends Well

Okay, now I feel like I'm home! I caught a ride with the local Dial-a-Ride service out to the airport this morning to pick up my car, and just for the heck of it I went in to see if there was any news on my luggage. There was, good news in fact, as all three of my bags were there!! They'd arrived on that final flight last night, and were about to be delivered to me. I lucked out that the driver was running a bit late! So, I now have my luggage, my cell phone, and my keys! YAY!

Almost there!

Greetings from Cincinnati, OH! I'm stuck at the airport for a bit longer than originally planned, as my earlier flight into Green Bay was cancelled. Grr! Now, I'm not getting into GB until 3:19 in the afternoon, which is cutting it real short for the get-together this afternoon. Oh, well. Nothing I can do about it now!

I'm still on the lookout for Jake, who had the same flight as I did, but I have my laptop and a good book (Graveyard Games by Kage Baker, in case you're interested), as well as some meal voucers Delta graciously gave me to make up for the inconvenience of the cancelled flight, so I'll be able to keep myself entertained for the next several hours if I don't see him.

Now, if my ears would just pop, everything would be perfect! ;-)


Well, I'm off to the Frozen Tundra, otherwise known as Green Bay, Wisconsin! I'm SO excited! I could barely sit still all day, the anticipation was so great! The flight(s) I know will be hellish (Two, count 'em, two plane changes! The silver lining there is that Jake will be in Cincinnati the same time I am, so we can complain about the ungodliness of the hour together.), but I have most of the day to recover before meeting up with dozens of awesome online journallers for drinks and revelry. I don't know when I'll update again - I still haven't gotten around to setting my Vaio up with whatever it needs to be able to go online outside of my home, so unless there's a Kinko's nearby, or someone lets me borrow their laptop, it probably won't be until Monday night or Tuesday.

Anyway ... gah!