Update in Bullets

  • I am sick of candy and chocolate. Sick. To. Death. There was always a new 2lb. box of See's Candies or cookies or cakes showing up at work this past week, and I enjoyed waaaaay more Holiday Cheer than I should have. Gah!

  • I've been doing a pretty good job of updating my journal for both Holidailies and Tidings, but doing a terrible job of updating that fact here. Just go to Self-Portrait; I'm linking several new entries on the main page.

  • I finished and mailed all my Christmas cards last weekend (picture included in previous entry). Next year, I'm starting really early!

  • I ended up receiving several gift items from co-workers this year, but didn't give any myself. I've been feeling a bit guilty about it - it was reminiscent of my first year at AMBerland where gifts mysteriously appeared on my desk. At that time I didn't know such things were done (and later we they started just drawing names and didn't do individual gifts), and I mistakenly assumed that since we'd done a gift exchange that individual gifts weren't done. I guess I should've asked. But, at least I know for next year.

  • Mom and I ended up having our coffee and muffin at the bakery of our local fancy-pants hotel because not only was Carlene's closed for the holiday, but it's no longer Carlene's. Sheesh! It's only been a couple weeks since we were there last! Now it's called The Gathering Place, and mom and I will have to see if we want to "gather" there or not.

  • Anyway, at the fancy-pants hotel I tried a new coffee - Heavenly Hazelnut from Peerless Coffee. It's delicious! I've found a new favourite coffee!

  • I think that's all for now. Hope everyone has a wonderful holiday - whatever you celebrate! Cheers!