So, is this Another Kick in the Butt, or What?

Apparently God really wants me to start taking this "health & fitness" thing seriously, because just look what He's stuck in my face now: The Lazy Waisters Triathlon.

Yes, I signed up. Yes, I'm terrified (but only of failing miserably, not of the body aches I'm sure to suffer). And, no, I have no idea why I'm doing this to myself.

Except that maybe, just a little tiny bit, I've been longing to be "that girl" again. That active, athletic girl who enjoyed exercise, and was in track in Jr. High (long jump, mile and mile relay; i tried the hurdles, but always whacked my left knee on the top of the hurdle. am paying for that now with pain and stiffness), and took aerobics classes after school from one of the teachers, and started weight training in college, walked everywhere, and took aerobics, badminton, ballet and step classes as electives, and did just about anything and everything to be active. Because it was an addiction back then. Then it went away. And I got addicted to other decidedly unhealthy pursuits, and it's been so so very hard to get back. But I want to. I really do.

Maybe this is Step One.