Mermaid Earrings #31Photosin31Days

I spend a healthy chunk of last Sunday morning cleaning and polishing a bunch of my silver earrings. It turned out to be a LOT harder than I thought it would be, but in the end my earrings look a LOT prettier and shinier than they were. This pair of mermaid earrings is one of my favourites. Unfortunetly I don't remember where I purchased them, although part of me wants to say it was a little place called The Old Mole in Moscow, Idaho.



Clean Eating: Smokey Pork Chops w/ Maque Choux-Style Vegetables #31photosin31days

I made this recipe from Clean Eating magazine before, but at that time I didn't have the smoked paprika nor did I have a jalapeno pepper.  (Okay, honestly, I chose NOT to use a jalapeno pepper because I was afraid it would make the dish too hot, and I'm a wimp when it comes to hot and spicy foods) This time, however, I had both items and used them!


I used some tomatoes from our garden instead of buying the grape tomatoes from the store - I think that might've improved the taste considerably! - the green bell pepper is ours as well, and the little jalapeno pepper was from the garden of a co-worker of mine.


The dish turned out beautiful and delicious, and I will definitely be making it again. The jalapeno was not hot at all (another of my co-workers who is an amazing cook told me to remove the seeds and wash the pepper off really well to remove the oils that cause the heat; I did and it seemed to work!), and the smoked paprika has a lot more flavour than the plain paprika does. Next time, however I will be doubling the vegetables, because it's supposed to serve 4, but there's no way there's enough veggies for 4 people!

Accidental Display #31Photosin31Days

Whilst deadheading my Midas Touch rose bush the other night, I accidently snipped off this blossom that had just started to open up. I felt so bad for the poor thing I took it inside to put it in water in the hopes that it will continue to bloom. Turns out my tall Lambeau Field shot glass make a perfect bud vase!

Midastouchrose1a poor little rose bud / your bloom was just beginning / you were snipped too soon

White Flower with Water Spots #31Photosin31Days

I can't remember what these white flowers are called, but they were supposed to just be annuals when my mom and I bought them YEARS ago, yet they keep coming up year after year. There were purple and fuscia ones in the mix, too, but lately only the white ones are blooming.


Lunch at Mee Heng Low #31Photosin31Days

Yesterday I went to lunch with Lola to Mee Heng Low Noodle House in the Chinatown area of downtown SLO. I love how they put slices of oranges in their water as opposed to lemon. It's a different flavour, but just as refreshing on a warm, summer day.

Lola had the soup bowl with shrimp, which looked amazing!!

I had the low mein noodle bowl with beef and ginger soy sauce which was delicious! I hadn't been down to Mee Heng Low for a while, and it was nice to be reminded of why I need to stop by more often: the food is wonderful, the atmosphere is great, the service is fast and friendly and it's close to work which makes it perfect for a quick lunch. 

(Now if I could just control myself and not eat the whole freakin' bowl, I'd be doing okay!)