Being Bad #31Photosin31Days

Yesterday for lunch my coworker friend and I felt like being bad, so we headed down to Louisa's Place for the half-price burger deal they have on Thursdays. Louisa's is a cute little old-fashioned diner downtown SLO that apparently has great food since it's won several Best of SLO awards, mostly I think for the breakfast.

Anyway, my coworker got the delicious-looking chili cheeseburger and I got the California cheese burger, mostly because I was craving avacado.


It was very yummy! I haven't had a burger  - a REAL burger, not a turkey burger - in a very long time, so I really enjoyed the treat!

Lunch at Mee Heng Low #31Photosin31Days

Yesterday I went to lunch with Lola to Mee Heng Low Noodle House in the Chinatown area of downtown SLO. I love how they put slices of oranges in their water as opposed to lemon. It's a different flavour, but just as refreshing on a warm, summer day.

Lola had the soup bowl with shrimp, which looked amazing!!

I had the low mein noodle bowl with beef and ginger soy sauce which was delicious! I hadn't been down to Mee Heng Low for a while, and it was nice to be reminded of why I need to stop by more often: the food is wonderful, the atmosphere is great, the service is fast and friendly and it's close to work which makes it perfect for a quick lunch. 

(Now if I could just control myself and not eat the whole freakin' bowl, I'd be doing okay!)


A Day in SLO

Today mom and I took the bus to SLO for a day of shopping, browsing, tablet comparing, lunch and general wandering about. Despite working downtown, I haven't actually explored the downtown area for a very long time, and discovered there have been a lot of changes! There are a few new restaurants opened (and a couple more opening soon), some of my favourite shops were gone (Farewell, The Novel Experience! I shall miss you!), and new ones have opened up (Hello Hep Kat!), and old favourites have been updated (and perhaps not necessarily for the better, Mother's Tavern, oh, I mean, "Mo/Tav", I'm looking at you and your "no visible tattoo" policy!). One old fave that's had a face lift but has retained it's original charm and deliciousness is Big Sky Cafe.


I was pleased to see Big Sky doing a brisk lunch business, and thrilled to have found a nice booth in the back during the rush! Mom and I enjoyed a glass of Fat Cat Pinot Grigio - a wine I'm unfamiliar with, but hope to find and purchase somewhere because it was delicious! - and a couple yummy sandwiches. I had the Grilled Cheese, Eggplant & Chipoltle sandwich (delicious but SPICY!) and my mom had the Grilled Churasco Chicken sandwich.


We both really enjoyed our meals, but agreed that we should've shared a plate so that we could have dessert afterwards! Maybe next time!

After lunch we browsed some of the quaint little shops and art galleries, walked down by the creek, and did some shopping - I found a gorgeous blouse for 40% off at The Gap! Score! Then I decided it was time to do some comparison shopping between the iPad2 and the Nook Colour. You see, I have been debating what kind of tablet to get for some time. While I really love the iPad2 - and who wouldn't? it's shiny! - I find I'm quite fond of the Nook Colour as well - because maybe I just want an eReader after all.

The things I love about the iPad2 are: 1) the touchscreen; 2) all the cool apps and games; 3) the camera; and 4) SHINY. The things I don't really love about the iPad2 are: 1) the size (it may be smaller than a laptop, but it doesn't fit conveniently into any purse I currently use); 2) no Adobe Flash; 3) no CompactFlash drive; and 4) the price.

The things I love about the Nook Colour are: 1) the price; 2) the size; 3) it has Adobe Flash; 3) it has Compact Flash and 3) it pretty much has everything the iPad2 does, but in a smaller, less expensive package. The things I don't love about the Nook Colour are: umm ... Huh, maybe I don't have anything I don't love about the Nook Colour. I mean, sure it doesn't have a camera and that's kind of a cool feature of the iPad2, but it's got the WiFi, the expandable storage, e-mail, Word ... pretty much everything I want.

So, I played with each, mulled over the pros and cons of each over some shaken Passionfruit iced tea at Starbucks, and while I've pretty much made my decision, I didn't end up buying anything.


Anyway, it was a beautiful day in SLO (except for the wind!), and there were a lot of people out and about enjoying the weather and delightful downtown area. We stayed until late afternoon, then rode the bus home, utterly and completely relaxed!

Sepia Scenes: Last Bus North


Last Friday I was out drinking  ... er, ... carousing, um, I mean hanging out with some friends in SLO, and wound up catching the last bus heading north around 8:30. Yeah we're PARTY ANIMALS like that! Anyway, there were maybe five of us late-nighters on the the 9 Local. It was the emptiest I've ever seen a bus, and quite peaceful. Most of us were snoozing or reading (like me) and one guy up front was gently playing his acoustic guitar. It was probably the most relaxing ride I've ever had even though I didn't get a nap!

SLO Lunch Tour: Chow

Yesterday two of my co-workers and I went to Chow restaurant for lunch. We were originally going to Shin's for sushi, but Chow is right next door (1009 Monterey St., downtown SLO), and we haven't tried it yet. We'd actually read some negative reviews on a website about the prices being too high and the portions being too small, so we were hesitant about going there for lunch. However, a gentleman we work with dines at Chow often and RAVES about it every time, so we thought, what the heck, we'll try it.


The interior is beautifully designed and the wait staff were all very nice and friendly and accommodating.



We each chose something different. One of us had the Stir Fried Marinated Flat Iron Steak with housemade egg noodles and seasonal veggies (which consisted of sugar snap peas, broccoli, green onions and asparagus):


... another had the special, which was a Green Curry with Seafood, including shrimp, tilapia and salmon with rice:


... and I had the Stir Fried Shrimp and Bacon with housemade wonton noodles and sugar snap peas:


We were also given a trio of chili sauces ranging from very mild (on the left) to very spicy (on the right). I tried the very mild one and really loved it! I ended up using quite a bit on my dish:


We all agreed our meals were delicious (in fact, Green Curry Girl is STILL going on about how perfectly delicious and perfectly spicy her meal was!) and the price was so-so/okay for a lunch (around $10. to $12. each, which is a bit higher than average, but it IS a pretty fancy place, so I guess it's to be expected). Another plus: we were served very quickly! Since we only have an hour for lunch and need part of that time to get back tot he office, getting our food right away meant we were able to really enjoy our food!

Now, I don't know if the people who gave poor reviews on the website just went on an off-day, don't get the whole "fusion" concept, or whatever, but I would recommend giving Chow another shot - or trying it for the first time. It's worth it, imho!


SLO Lunch Tour: Mee Heng Low Noodle House

Recently a couple of  my co-workers and I started going out to lunch every other Wednesday. Rather than just having the usual sandwich or salad, however, we decided,  just for fun, to try different kinds of foods. Today it occurred to me that I should have been blogging this from the beginning, but I guess now is as good a time as any to start. Therefore, I'm introducing a new category: SLO Lunch Tour. Pity I didn't think of it sooner, as we've already been to a dozen really awesome restaurants and tried several different types of food: gyros, sushi, curry, BBQ, Italian, Chinese ... you get the picture.  Hopefully I'll be able to convince the girls to revisit at least a couple of the previous restaurants!

Anyway, today we dined at the Mee Heng Low Noodle House located at 815 Palm St in SLO. The place is tiny, but we found a comfy booth towards the back.



 One of my co-workers had the Chop Suey bowl with beef:


And my other luncheon companion had the Soup Bowl with Sai Fun noodles and tofu:


And I chose the Low Mein with Ginger Soy sauce and chicken:


All of our lunches were delicious and reasonably priced, and the atmosphere and service were both great! Another bonus is that it's only a couple blocks from work, so it's an easy walk! We will probably return again some time.



If you haven't tried the delicious organic steel-cut oatmeal from Jamba Juice, go now. I mean it: GO NOW! Not only is it the best thing I've ever tasted (I got the one with fruit and candied pecans!), on Wednesdays, IT'S A DOLLAR! Well, here in SLO it's a dollar on Wednesday. I guess I shouldn't speak for ALL the Jambas! A Very Special THANK YOU shout out to Lola and Ashley for braving the wind and rain to pick up several little tubs of this steamy goodness for those of us working on this stormy furlough day (but not brave enough to go out in this mess!). Cheers!