Sepia Scenes: Into the Sea


This past September mom and I took a vacation to Cambria, CA. I took tons of pictures, but didn't get them resized and toyed with until recently. This one was originally going to be called "Lost Shoes" until I realized you could see footprints walking away from the shoes and decided to call it "Into the Sea".  Perhaps it was a mermaid or Selkie shedding her human form? 

Sepia Scenes: Vintage Rubber Stamp

I don't think the lady who used to host Sepia Scenes is blogging anymore, but I always enjoyed this meme, so I've decided to just keep doing it on my own. This past weekend my mom and I started cleaning out my grandparent's house. We discovered several treasures including this old rubber stamp that my grandfather apparently used for his work. It doesn't have a date on it or anything, but I know it's pretty old because my grandparents moved out of Dayton in the early- to mid-70s, I think around the time my grandpa retired. Also, this box only cost 8 cents for third class mail! Ha!