Friday Five #5

  1. Today is Friday, right? I'm pretty sure it's Friday, but after this kinda crazy week, I'm really not sure. See, I had off Tuesday (Christmas Day), and since I'm used to working either a full five-day work week, or a four-day work week with Friday as my furlough day off, having a random day off in the middle of the week threw me for a loop.
  2. The 5K training going well. I'm actually not hurting as bad as I thought I would, which I'm quite pleased with. It's also bringing back a lot of grand, old memories from when I ran track in junior high (mile run, mile relay, hurdles, and long jump, in case you care), like how much I enjoyed hitting my stride and feeling on top of the world (okay, now not so much as then, but I can see where I might get that feeling back someday), and, oh, yes, the exercise-induced asthma! I'd forgotten all about you, you uncomfortable, heinous beast! Welcome back. Except not really.
  3. Along with running a 5K and adding a day or two at the Club, another Resolution for next year will be to eat better. I generally eat pretty good - lots of veggies, fruits, fish and other lean proteins - but lately I've gotten lazy. Lately it's been a lot more convenience and packaged foods, and there's nothing really wrong with that, it's just that there's a lot of extra salt and fillers in them that I really don't need. Of course the idea of spending a whole day of my weekend cooking from scratch doesn't really appeal to me, either, so somehow I will have to find a happy middle ground.
  4. Of course before I can do any healthy eating at all, I need to get rid of all the chocolate, candy, cookies and other holiday treats that still live in my kitchen. I may just have a total sugar blowout weekend this weekend, and get rid of it all, so I can start fresh and without temptations (and by "get rid of", of course I mean "EAT ALL THE GOODIES!!"). If you don't hear from me next week, I will either be on a sugar high or a diabetic coma.
  5. And, finally, a photo for the week: my Christmas nails! I used Butter London's "Knees Up" (red) and "British Racing Green" (um, obvi the green). Cheers!