Holidailies 2019: Day 5


As much as I love going on trips and visiting people and places, I sometimes really dislike flying. It's hectic, stressful, and exhausting on a good day, and this time was way worse. Maybe it wouldn't have been so bad  if I'd only done a round-trip from SLO to Paris via San Francisco or LA, but I thought it would be fun to travel with my friend Darlene, so I spent one full day flying from SLO to San Francisco to Portland. Then, very early the next morning, Darlene and I flew from Portland to Seattle to Paris! 


And, it was fun to fly together - we even managed to get seats together! - and arrive in Paris together to begin our amazing adventure, but it also took a lot out of me. We hit the ground running in Paris, as we usually do on our adventures, so I didn't have time to feel the effects of all those flights right away, but it all caught up to me when I got home! I'm no spring chicken, and not really in the best shape, so I'm really sore, physically and mentally exhausted, and maybe coming down with a cold (but I really hope not!). But, I learned a valuable lesson: no more multi-day flying for me! If I'm travelling with friends, we can all just meet up at our destination and begin our adventure from there!