October 23, 2007

Possible NaNoWriMo Titles

The following title ideas were taken from the NaNoWriMo "Adopt-a-Title" forum thread. Most of them I just took because they sound cool, and I may (or may not) use them someday. The comments in parenthesis are mine.

The Quiet You Leave Behind (good romance novel title.)

Visions in the Thorns (possibly romance or a paranormal novel.)

Missing Rose (this would be perfect if I was writing a doctor who fanfic. which i'm not.)

Life Like Glass (this one would work well with a "disease of the week'-type story, either ya or adult.)

See You At My Funeral Tomorrow Evening (another good ya title; could be serious, could be wry.)

Shards of Broken Minds (possible psycholocical thriller. or horror.)

Ghost Walk (this might work for a ya novel with paranormal overtones. or maybe a dead person commenting on the people he/she left behind.)

A Not-So-Unique Snowflake (definitely ya. it positively screams ya!)

Blame It on the Weatherman (most likely a comedy in the vein of douglas adams.)

A Universe In My Teacup  (another good doctor who fanfic title, but i'm not writing a doctor who fanfic. no i'm not!)

A Rather Short Tree (a story about midgets? hobbits? the memoirs of the shortest kid in the 5th grade?)

P.S. "ya" stands for Young Adult, in case you're wondering.

October 16, 2007

NaNoWriMo 2007

While I don't have a working title yet, I have decided I will be writing about either a small winery or a bed-and-breakfast located in wine country (either SLO county or Napa Valley). I have the name of two fictional wineries picked out as well as the name of at least one white wine. There may or may not be ghosts, hauntings, a murder, romance, a trip on the Napa Valley Wine Train, a trio getting lost in Oakland, and an impromptu performance of Shakespeare's Hamlet. It may or may not be catagorized as Christian chick lit (mostly because I don't know how well ghosts and stuff like that would go over in the Christain world; I'll have to ask DeeDee and Jewel). But, at least I have the idea, and the beginning of an outline. No actual characters are coming through just yet, but hopefully all be become clear as November nears.