November's First Friday Five

Well, this week sure hit the ground running, didn't it! Well, for me, anyway (and for some folks I work with), it's been crazy busy, and how it is already all of a sudden the 7th?!? Gah! I can't keep up! Anyway, here's my five random things for the week:

1.  I started writing ... er ... something for NaNoWriMo this year, but I keep forgetting to put my word count on the website. I rectified that yesterday, and while I'm woefully behind, the month is young, so I'm not too terribly worried. (Except that it's the 7th already!!!)

2.  I've narrowed down my bedroom paint colours to three:

They are (from left to right): Twilight Grey, Silver Screen, and Pewter Mug. They are all Behr Premium Flat, or Matte (can't remember which!). I'm kinda leaning towards Silver Screen, but I really like all of them! My final decision will be made tomorrow!

3. Speaking of which, we're going to start the painting process this weekend, rather than wait until Thanksgiving weekend as previously planned. Tomorrow we're buying the paint, primer, and supplies, and will put the primer coat on by Sunday. We also have to mow our lawn this weekend, because that rain we got last weekend - which was lovely! - coupled with 80 degree weather this past week added up to a very happy lawn that decided to grow very tall! So THAT will be fun! I have Tuesday off for Veteran's Day, and we're going to paint that day. Hopefully. If we feel up to it. Fingers crossed because I'm moving into the living room until my room is done (and the primer/paint stops stinking), and I don't relish the thought of being out there the whole month!

4. Oh, by the way, next Friday I'll be on vacation, so there probably won't be a Friday Five. I'm going to Monterey to participate in the Pacific Grove Lighthouse 5k. It's my last 5k of the year, and I'm just hoping I survive - I haven't done ANY training for this AT ALL, and my last 5k was in July! Wish me luck!

5. And finally, I started reading Rebecca Rasmussen's new book Evergreen, and I love it! I highly HIGHLY recommend this book! I loved her first book, The Bird Sisters, and recommend that, too. This might tie with The Taste of Apple Seeds as my favourite book of 2014!

What are you reading right now? Do you love it? Hate it? Don't care one way or the other? Well, I hope whatever you're reading you're enjoying, and that you all have a fantastic weekend! Cheers!

October 2014 Resolutions

Super late with this, I know, but whatever, here's a few resolutions I'm hoping to accomplish this month:

1.  Drink more tea. I know that tea is wonderfully beneficial to a person, and I have a lot of it both at home and at work, but I always seem to lean towards coffee not jsut in the morning, but all day long. I think I'll need to once again stop buying the Starbucks Via for work, and just use the Green Tea, Earl Grey Tea, and PG Tips Tea I have in my drawer.

2.  Start eating hard cooked eggs in the morning. I used to have a hard cooked egg with my protein shake in the morning, but then got out of the habit. I need to start doing this again, becasue I get to work and I'm starving within an hour and a half! The egg seemed to help me feel fuller longer, and therefore helped me battle the usually unhealthy (but delicious!) snacks that show up unexpectedly at work. And there's really no excuse, when you can find them already cooked AND peeled!

3. Start stamping Christmas Cards. Hopping on the back of my Christmas Card Prepping at the end of last month, I'm hoping to get a good start on my festive holiday cards so I can get them off early enough in December that everyone will be able to enjoy them beFORE we celebrate the birth of our Saviour!

4. Train harder for 5k. I'm signed up for the Pacific Grove 5k, and I would really like to run at least 1 mile of it. I know I can't possibly run the entire 3.1 miles, but if I could do 1, that would be awesome! Maybe I'll run a full 5k next year! I still have hope that I'll be feeling better (if not toally cured!!) by then!

5. NaNoWriMo Prep. I'm planning to take a cue from Anne Perry and start a detailed outline of my novel. I know some of it's already written, but I can still outline and detail the bits I've been having trouble with. Maybe it'll even help me figure out how to get from point G to point H! (You know because I've got my A and Z down!)

6.  Dance more! So. I signed up for Beginning Tap and Beginning Hip Hop classes beginning this month. Yes, I am apparently insane. (!!)

Do you have any resolutions for the month? Let me know, and maybe we can support/encourage/pester each other about it! Cheers!