2010 Christmas Card & Letter

In an effort to make my Christmas easy and stress-free this year, I ordered photo Christmas cards though picnik.com and QOOP.com. I chose a beachy California shot from our vacation to Pismo Beach this past September and used the "Ortonish" effect to make it all soft and dreamy, then went step-by-step though picnik + QOOP's  greeting card maker to create & order the cards. It was super easy and FAST; I got the box of cards in about three days! I did just a brief Christmas letter this year incorporating photos from my trips to Green Bay, Vegas, Pismo Beach and Morro Bay as well as a before and after shot of the newly landscaped back yard (using picnik.com's "Vignette" effect which is one of my favourites!). My new printer did a great job on them even though it's not specifically made for photos, and the whole thing was simply a piece of cake! Now I'm all done and can just sit back and relax! Merry Christmas!!!

A Day Out

While our house is being painted and it's all sealed up and stuff, mom and I took off for the day. We stopped at Sbux for coffee and breakfast goodies, then went to the Atascadero Lake Park for a walk. First we stopped by the new Faces of Freedom Veteran's Memorial.


It was very sad to see the portrait of an 18-year old who was killed over in Iraq. His parents must've put that memorial up last Monday.


The sky was a bit overcast at first, but eventually the sun poked out and it became pretty warm. There were lots of cute critters around the lake. I got a shot of the swan, a beautiful mallard duck and a heron, and a mama duck and her two fuzzy babies:





After our walk, we drove over to Morro Bay. The weather there was perfect: overcast and slightly cool, but not uncomfortably so.



There are tons of fun and interesting shops and artsy galleries in Morro Bay, but our favourite place to visit is The Garden Gallery. We saw some wonderful succulent plantings that we think might work in our future garden makeover, and I totally fell in LOVE with some awesome garden art:






Later we had lunch at The Galley restaurant. Mom and I split a plate of delicious fish tacos and Caesar salad and each had a glass of Savignon Blanc.


Unfortunately after we the left the restaurant and were looking through another gallery (Fiona Bleu, one of my favourites), I was suddenly overwhelmed with nausea. Since mom and I ate exactly the same thing for lunch, we concluded it wasn't the food (and thank God, because if we'd both been sick that would have sucked a LOT more!). We decided that it had to be the ginormous glass of Savignon Blanc.


The glasses they served the wine in were HUGE and between the two of us I think we ended up drinking half a bottle of wine! And, aapparently I can't hold my liquor anymore. Which sucks, because I already gave up cigarettes and junk food and what? Now I have to give up wine as well? What am I going to do for a vice then?!? Gah!

Ahem. Anyway, we sat for a while to let my stomach settle then wandered around some more, periodically sitting on bench until my stomach stopped roiling. After about a half hour, the nausea passed, but I was pretty wiped out (And, it turns out, badly sunburned despite the sun never actually coming out. Of course I wasn't wearing sunscreen nor did I wear a hat, so I guess it's my own damn fault.), so we picked up some salt water taffy (a MUST for any beach trip regardless of how we're feeling!), then headed for home.

All-in-all it was a really good day - except for the sunburn and the upset tummy, which is much better now, thanks for asking. So, how was YOUR weekend?!?