Photographic Evidence

I'm still sorting through the over 200 pictures I took at JournalCon - most of them from Karaoke. I'm also still working on my write-up. Most everyone else has their JournalCon recaps posted, and after reading many of them, I'm not sure what else I can add that would be interesting or unique. Oh, I'll write something, but it'll probably just be the same old stuff: linky squee, and all that. Hopefully it'll all be up by this weekend!

Home Sweet Home

Sadly I don't have a Heavenly Bed to snuggle down into tonight - in fact it turns out I have a rather large spring coming through my mattress, so no, not very heavenly at all - but it does feel good to be home. JournalCon 05 rocked out loud! I miss everyone already. Heck, I missed everyone yesterday! But, it was awesome, fantastic and fun! Details and pictures coming soon! Cheers!