How Do I Keep Doing These Things to Myself?

Well there's good news and bad news. The bad news is I have managed to seriously strain the tendon in my inner thigh. I'm not sure exactly when or how, but I think I did something on my trip to Santa Barbara because it's been kinda stiff ever since. It always worked itself out, but yesterday it hurt so bad I was gimping all over the office. I cancelled my trainer and just came home, took some Advil, put some ice on it and tried to relax. It didn't work. I couldn't sleep at all due to the pain, and this morning I called in sick and went to the doctor. I came out with the strained tendon diagnosis and a 'script for some uber powerful ibuprophin.

And some good news: I weighed in at 175!!! Squee!

And yet, sigh: I'm off my feet for a few days and will have to be very careful with my workouts for a while. I hate this! Everything was going so well! My diet, my exercise ... Everything!! Gah!

No. I'm not going to dwell on the bad, just the good - I've lost weight (which I already kinda knew since I had to buy 16s last weekend - yay, me!), this sore tendon will heal, and that's what's important.

Update List

Because I am a terrible blogger lately, all I have time to give you all is a bulleted update of recent happenings:

  1. Last weekend mom and I headed for SLO for a little shopping. We browsed World Market, Bed, Bath and Beyond, Sears, Best Buy and Gottschalks, and saw lots and lots of things we wanted, but in the end we just bought two new television sets: a 26" LG for my bedroom and a 32" Panasonic for the living room. Luckily both items fit in the car, and also luckily, they were both easy to hook up. We have now officially entered the 21st century. Now if I could just get my DVD player to work ...
  2. Mom's Earthbox Garden is growing beautifully so far. The tomatoes and zucchini have doubled in size already and the one cucumber plant we thought was near death is making a comeback. There are buds on the pepper plants and the Japanese eggplant, which I'm very excited to try in a recipe this summer.
  3. Remember the Isabella Fiore purse I was bidding on? Well, I ended up winning it, and at a very reasonable price, too. A postal worker tried to deliver it yesterday, but I wasn't home to sign for it, so I guess I'll have to wait till Saturday to pick it up down at the post office. Bummer.
  4. Of course, that means I have to sell one of my other purses to make room for the new one, but I've actually decided to put three up for auction as well as a few other things. I'm hoping to spend one day of the upcoming 3-day weekend gathering crap junk useless stuff wonderful things to photograph and put for sale on eBay. Actually I'd love to just have a big-ass yard sale and get it over with, but that's just waaayyy too much work, and in the end, you still have to deal with all the crap junk useless stuff wonderful things that don't sell.
  5. My broken eyeballs are slowly but surely getting better. I'm still going to see a rheumatologist next month, but it might be a totally useless trip (except that I am curious to see what kind of arthritis I might be developing). My eye doctor said he was chatting with one of the iritis experts at UCLA one day, and was told him that with some people they never find out what caused the iritis or why it takes so long for it to clear up. I may be one of those people. Great. Anyway, the really good news was that my distance vision was reallyreally good, and I'm now down to a lesser dose of Pred Forte (called Pred Mild) every other day. Yay!
  6. My weight has been at a plateau for about a month now and has become very frustrating. Also, the gym was starting to get boring with the same old routine every week, so my trainer and I are mixing it up a bit by doing Super Sets twice a week instead of once. Since the Versa Climber - once the bane of my fitness existance then the love of my life - has vanished never to return, we are speed-walking around the track in between weight sets. It's really quite nice - the weather is great now, and it's light outside much later. I'm hoping to see some significant changes in the next few weeks.

I think that's about it for now. Cheers!

A Fitness Update

OMG, y’all! Last night’s workout? Rocked. Out. Loud! SO awesome! I was concerned that the Versa Climber would be difficult since I hurt my hamstrings doing yard work last weekend, but it wasn’t. My hammies didn’t hurt at all (Although they do still ache when I bend over or sit down. I don’t know what I did to them, but, dang! I did some serious damage!), and I’m getting better and better at that tortourous machine. Score!

Still, despite all the hard work and dieting, the weight is creeping back up again. People at work have asked me if I've lost weight, or tell me I'm looking really good, and I can feel my clothes getting baggy, so I know I’m losing … well, I guess not weight exactly, but inches anyway, but the number on the scale has been consistently going up the past few weeks. It may sound stupid, but I blame going off the prednisolone drops. I’m down to only one drop in each eye per day, and since I started that last week, I’ve gained two pounds. I swear it was that medication that was helping me lose weight like crazy back in November and December, and now that I’m going off it, the weight is coming back. I don’t know what more I can do. (Okay, yes I do know: add a fifth day of working out at the gym, duh! And, I am working on that, but right now I am loathe to give up my Friday evenings and weekends.)

*sigh* It's frustrating, BUT, I'm NOT going to let the number on the scale discourage me. I will focus instead on the positives: my body is getting stronger, and can work harder and longer than it used to; my muscles are becoming more firm and defined; and, most importantly, I'm becoming healthier and generally feel happier and more energetic. The numbers on the scale will move down in time, I know, I just wish it would happen as quickly as everything else has!

Well, it's not ALL bad news


*sigh* My eyeballs are STILL not 100%. I'm a bit disappointed and frustrated, and I think my eye doctor is, too. Still, as he said, the good news is my eyes aren't any worse, and are getting better; it's just taking longer that we both expected and wanted. So, I'm still on the eye drops twice a day, and have to go back again next month. Gah!

On a positive note, the rest of today's shopping/dining experience in SLO was fantastic! I scored a ton of cosmetics at Sephora, including a new fragrance: Jean-Paul Gaultier's "Classique".


I tried four fragrances on the paper sticks while I was browsing: the above-referenced Gaultier, Gwen Stefani's "L.A.M.B.", Fendi's "Palazzo", and Narciso Rodriguez "for her".  I nixed the Fendi and Rodriguez right away, and ended up spritzing the Gualtier and L.A.M.B. on each wrist. At the last moment, I spontaneously spritzed the Fendi "Palazzo" on the back of my right hand. As I wandered around I periodically sniffed my skin to see which fragrance I liked better. I was curious about the Gaultier, as I'd used the "Classique Summer" fragrance last summer and really liked it, and wanted to try the L.A.M.B. because I really like Gwen Stefani; the Fendi was an afterthought. 

The Gaultier was light and floral and girly. I couldn't tell you what the L.A.M.B. smelled like, as it seemed to vanish as soon as I sprayed it. I ended up going back to re-spritz it four times because the scent evaporated into thin air almost instantly. Finally I said to myself, "You're really just trying this perfume because it's Gwen Stefani's scent, aren't you? The scent isn't staying on your skin, is it? So, isn't it stupid to go for a name when the scent isn't even going to last?" Yeah, yeah, okay, okay! I thought the Fendi had a too-masculine note to it that I couldn't really put my finger on, but I wasn't sure I wanted to smell like.

So, I ended up buying Gaultier's "Classique" and was very happy. But as the day wore on, and I walked up to the eye doctor, then back downtown, I alternately sniffed my left wrist ("Classique") and the back of my right hand "Palazzo". After a while, the "Classique" started smelling sweet and sugary and reminded me of candy, which made me hungry. The "Palazzo" had mellowed and was just warm and woody and very relaxing. I was starting to like it better than what I'd purchased. By the time mom and I were sitting at The Corner View bar having another drink and some yummy grilled artichokes, I had decided to return the "Classique" and get the "Palazzo" instead.

*phew* I'm tired just writing all that down! I can't believe I spent so much time and energy on perfume!! Anyway, my other non-cosmetic purchases included a pair of purple knit slippers (with rubber dots on the bottom to keep me from slipping on the kitchen floor and falling on my ass), and a pretty blue and white, cutsie-animal-print duvet cover at Urban Outfitters. I found many, many other things I liked at UO, but just stuck with these two. (For now. I am so close to fitting into their size Large tops, it's not even funny!) I also had a Barnes and Nobel gift card, but by the time we finished our drinks and snack, we needed to catch the bus back home, so that will have to wait until we come back next month.

And now I am exhausted! I just got back from the gym where I did more cardio, and am now waiting for my dinner to heat up (chicken breast and some frozen mixed veggies). I'm hoping I don't fall asleep and fall face first in my plate!

A Day in SLO Town

Mom and I rode the bus down to SLO today - not the super early one I usually take, but the 8:38 one. We had coffee and a fat free chocolate muffin at Black Horse/Uptown, I shopped at Sephora and Urban Outfitters with my gift cards, and we're now having lunch at Big Sky, one of my favourite resaurants inSLO. In about an hour I have my eye doctor appointment, which I hope will brng good news, then some more shopping, this time at Barnes and Nobel.

Trying New Stuff

Last night I made a vegetarian meal from recipe I got out of the September issue of Greens magazine (apparently it was really the Vegetarian Times, but they were playing aorund wth a new name). No, I'm not going vegetarian - I loves me a nice medium rare steak wwaaaaayyyyy too much to give it up! - but I am trying to eat healthier and like to try new recipes to keep from getting bored. So, I fixed the Savory Tofu and Vegetables Over Tomato Couscous. Initially my mother was not thrilled with the idea of having tofu, but the dish turned out really well, and it was delicious! We're going to try to have a vegetarian or vegan meal three or four times a month, just for a change of pace.


Check up

So here I sit again in the eye doctor's office. I just had my initial check up where the assistsant checks my vision. This time, instead of using the spoon-like thing to cover first one eye then the other and attempt to read the letters on the chart, she used the ... well I don't know what it's called but it's the thing that looks like huge bizzare glasses, and you can fiddle with the dials to either make things blurry or clear. She made it where I could actually SEE very clearly the chart on the wall. I haven't seen distance that clearly since November 1st! I nearly wept with joy!


Doctor B. just told me my right eye is almost totally better and my left eye is just a little behind it. He said the inflammation should be completely gone in a couple weeks, and my vision should clear up within a month. Yay! Thank God!

Also my blood tests came back normal - the ones he had that is. Some tests had to be sent somewhere else to be run so I'lll get them next time. That will be in TWO weeks instead of one. That's good news, too!

At this point Doctor B. thinks this was just a fluke thing. He said he had a couple other patients recently who had iritis (their's were only in ONE eye and resolved within a DAY, lucky bastards!) both of whom had just come off a nasty upper respiratory illness. He asked if I'd been sick before all this and I said yes, that I had been fighting what I thought was a cold for two or three weeks in October before the stomach thing got me the end of that month. The doctor thinks perhaps there's a virus going around this year that can cause the iritis, and I will likely never get it again.

So good news all around today!

Thirteen Things I Saw While Walking Today

I had another eye doctor appointment this morning, and since it was in SLO, I walked to and from the appointment. I've done it before; it's no big. Twenty minutes there and twenty minutes back, and it's a pretty nice walk. On the way back, that is. On the way back it's downhill. On the way there, it's uphill. Gah! Anyway, today I pulled out my camera and took a few shots of stuff I saw along the way. Enjoy!

matt loves who now?

Matt loves someone, but I can't tell who it is. I thought it was Holly, but now it looks more like Holii. I dunno. He loves someone though.

autumn colours

more pretty colours

We're finally getting some autumn colours around here just in time for Christmas.


I have no clue.


Oops! Someone lost an air mattress! And a bikini top!

missing sock

And, apparently, a sock as well.

more graffiit

So what is this? A band? A magazine? Just a random weird sticker?

eye doctor equipment

The eye doctor appointment didn't go as well as I'd hoped, but I didn't really expect it to. I know my distance vision is no better. Unfortunetly, there seems to still be some inflammation inside my eye. The doctor seemed disappointed that it wasn't completely cleared. He's concerned that whatever caused the iritis in the first place might still be inside me, and ordered a bunch more blood tests for various things. Like rheumatoid arthritis, which I know I don't have, but which keeps coming up in medical conversations anyway.

On the way back to work, I noticed several intereting plants that I don't know the name of, but I took pictures of them anyway:

random plant

another random plant

more randomness


little white flower thingies

Ah, to Live Again!

Tonight's workout was awesome! It was just the 1 hour of cardio (30 minutes on the elliptical, 30 minutes on a treadmill), but it felt SO good! I'm finally feeling like a normal human being again. Monday night I felt good but was still, I don't know ... off. But tonight, although I was tired and still feeling the effects of not working out for three weeks straight, I felt stronger and healthier than I have in a long time. This has been the longest road to recovery I've ever travelled, but I think I can finally see the light at the end of the tunnel!