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I got my Green Bay Packers stock certificate in the mail last night. I know some people think it's kinda silly - I'm not going to make any money off this stock purchase or anything, so it's basically just a really expensive souvenir, but I'm still very excited to be part owner of an NFL team!

Best of 2007

Yellow Flower, originally uploaded by LapisBlue.

A collection of what are (in my humble opinion) forty of the best photographs I took in 2007. Enjoy!

Happy Thanksgiving!

Thanksgiving went fabulously! Mom and I bought the whole dinner from Von's rather than cooking, and not only did it come with tons of food (10-12lb turkey, stuffing, mashed potatoes and gravy, cranberry sauce and pumpkin pie), it was really delicious as well! We just picked up some whipped topping for the pumpkin pie and a veggie tray (so we'd be a little healhty), and grandma made a green bean casserole, because she couldn't stand not cooking anything!

We picked up the food around 10 a.m., and took it up to my grandparent's house where we were having dinner. We just needed to reheat everything, and since we weren't eating until 1 p.m., I was able to relax and watch the Packers win another game, this time on a large flatscreen TV with my grandfather. It was fun to having someone to discuss the game with! My cousins weren't able to make it this year, so it was just me and mom, my grandparents and my aunt and uncle. We missed the kids, but had a nice, relaxed, easygoing Thanksgiving anyway.

All that said, I'm kinda glad it's over, and now I have three more days to relax and continue to heal my better, but still broken eyeballs. I get tired really easily now, and I'm not sure if it's just that the healing is so intense my body just has to sleep a lot, or if the medication I'm taking for my eyes is making my so tired, but it's been frustrating and annoying. I'm used to having at least some energy, and suddenly I have little to none. Grr. But, my eyes are improving and that's the important thing!

And, now to celebrate our successful Thanksgiving dinner and family get-together, my mom and I are each enjoying a nice chilled glass of Viongier from Sterling Vineyards. It's one of my favourite wines from that vineyard, and it's delicious!


Participation Positives

I haven't done this in a very long time, but I'm trying to have more gratitude and positive feelings in my life as I recover from whateverthehell it is that's wrong with my broken eyeballs, so here's a list of positives for today:

  1. First and foremost, I can see better everyday! In fact, I drove myself to the bus stop this morning and home this evening. Some of the lights at night are still a bit too bright, but I can see the road really well, so I'm back to having some independance!
  2. This Thursday is Thanksgiving in the USA, and even though I've been sick, I have plenty to be thankful for: my loving family, my great friends, my awesome job, and the ability to take some amazing trips a few times a year!
  3. The Green Bay Packers! 9 - 1. 'Nuff said.
  4. I am planning on being back in the gym (sorry, Kevin, the Club) next Monday. I know I won't be up to the level of fitness I was a little over two weeks ago, but the good news is, muscles have memory, so it won't be long before I'm back on track!
  5. I have an awesome Christmas Card design this year! I will probably come up with a "holiday" card design for my secular friends, but the Christ-based card is, if I may say so, one of my best yet!!

Good News and Bad News

The good news is: my eyes are improving every day! I can read really well today (without glasses!), and my distance and night vision is better, too. I still have floaters, but they are just annoying and will hopefully go away eventually. My vision is also still a little blurry, but that, too, is more annoying than disabilitating.

The bad news is: I have now is a stuffy head and plugged up ears. My hearing is distorted now - everything sounds melodically metalic, like everyone and everything is a robot. Like Marvin the Paranoid Android from the Hitchhicker's Guide to the Galaxy.  Again annoying and will hopefully be resolved when I can stop taking these crazy eye drops.

More good and bad news: The Green Bay Packers are playing a great game today against the Carolina Panthers, but that probably means that stupid Fox network will probably switch to a "more competitive" game by the middle of the third quarter. I never thought I'd say this, but I really hope the Panthers pick it up a bit!!

I Hate Fox!

So, the Packers are doing really well today - really, really well! Fox was actually showing the game, which was exciting for me, as a Packers fan lost in California. I'm enjoying watching my favourite team kick som butt. But, just because they are now 27 - 0 against the Vikings, Fox decided to switch to "a more competitive game". Bastards!! Who cares if it's not, in their opinion, "competetive"? Don't they care about the fans?!?

(A Very Brief) Rehab Recap

Rehab in Green Bay; just what the doctor ordered. Autumn colours – red, gold, orange, green - great friends, warm hugs and much squee. We had sushi at Little Tokyo, the good Doctor in multiple shot glasses at The Sardine Can; partied till the wee hours. Rock star limousine through Door County; stop to try the squeaky cheese curds, see the restaurant with the goats on the roof, buy some Ho-Made chopped cherry jam. Karaoke fell flat, but the night was warm and the company was warmer, and the Packers won on Sunday, so who cares? Can’t wait till next year!