We had another little quake earlier this evening. It felt at first like someone had kicked the back on my chair hard, then the chandelier started to rattle, and we knew it was a small quake (small being 3.1) and that it was closer than many of the quakes and/or aftershocks we've had. It was no big: nothing fell over, nothing fell down, nothing broke. That was our excitement for the evening.

Earthquake Update

More and more earthquake stories are emerging. Bethel Lutheran - the church my family attends - was damaged, but thanks to last summer's retrofitting, not destroyed. (The picture at the top of the page is the inside of the sanctuary) A couple of hikers got stuck on Bishop's Peak during the quake, and I can't even begin to imagine how terrifying that would be! The two women who died in Paso Robles are remembered, several wineries were damaged, and a lot of people's homes and businesses were so damaged they had to be condemned. Luckily they'll be able to get tax relief to help ease the financial pain. I felt two more aftershocks late late night that woke me from my sleep; one felt pretty strong. Mom said she felt a little one yesterday afternoon, too. We're not noticing any here in SLO. They say we could still get another good-sized aftershock before the weekend. It probably wouldn't be as big as the quake itself, but could be a 4. Thank God for Zoloft, or I'd be a totally freaked-out mess! As it is, I'm handling the whole thing pretty well.