Happy Halloween!

In honour of Halloween, here are a few pictures I took recently at the Atascadero Colony Days. Imagine my surprise when I uploaded these shots to my computer and discovered there were *GHOSTS in them!!! It's like the original residents of Atascadero's Tent City came to visit!

This guy has NO idea there's a ghost sitting in his tent!

A spectral girl overlooks a ghostly graveyard - now a lovely rose garden - located behind the Atascadero Historical Society house.

The blacksmith is oblivious to the sister ghosts watching him work, but I think that fellow in the background noticed them!

And last, but not least, an innocent child's doll is actually a creepy demonic being!!

Cheers! And Happy Haunting!!

*Okay the pictures were really enhanced on picnik.com - the most fun you'll ever have with photographs!