Sepia Scenes: Into the Sea


This past September mom and I took a vacation to Cambria, CA. I took tons of pictures, but didn't get them resized and toyed with until recently. This one was originally going to be called "Lost Shoes" until I realized you could see footprints walking away from the shoes and decided to call it "Into the Sea".  Perhaps it was a mermaid or Selkie shedding her human form? 

Escape to Cambria


We needed to escape, my mom and I. My mom more so than me, since I just had a vacation, but still, it's always nice to get away from the hustle and bustle of it all. Cambria, California is one of our favourite places to visit, though we usually just do day trips since it's so close. We'll park along Moonstone Drive and walk along the boardwalk, watch the different kinds of birds flying or swimming or looking for food, greet the cute, fuzzy ground squirrels that don't seem to fear humans, and cheer on the surfers riding the waves. Occasionally we'll sit on a bench and just watch the ocean, or venture down to the beach to see what the waves brought in, or walk out on the rocks for a closer view of the seals/sea lions that rest there. For years we've been talking about spending a weekend in Cambria, but never got around to actually doing it. Well, last month I just did it: I picked the weekend, booked the hotel, and told my mom, "We're going!"


We stayed at the Pelican Cove Inn along Moonstone Beach Drive. We had a nice room with a patio that had an ocean view. The weather was perfect, so we spent most of the time sitting on the deck, sipping beverages, watching the sea. It was so relaxing, so lovely, and so wonderful!


I got the "Escape Plan" which included a dinner at the Cambria Pines Hotel, which we enjoyed Saturday night. Mom had baked halibut and I had seared sea scallops - both meals were delicious! Our hotel had a breakfast buffet in the morning, a wine and cheese reception in the afternoon, and a dessert bar in the evening, so we ate and drank VERY well the whole weekend! (The diet starts again on Tuesday!)


When we weren't sitting on the deck enjoying the view, we were walking along the boardwalk, which was just across Moonstone Drive from the hotel, and we sat on the benches just to watch the ocean. We saw birds, seals/sea lions, ground squirrels and surfers. We could've stayed there forever.