W is for Wine

You knew it was coming: W is for WINE! I do love to sip a good wine, and recently I did a red wine flight at the Grape Encounters EmPOURium in Atascadero, CA. This is one of the reds I tried, which I liked very much. I'm not 100% on this, but I believe it was the Satori Amarone from Italy. I didn't use any filters or effects on this one, so all you see is the gorgeous, real-life colour of the wine! Cheers!

T is for Two

This is a double rose bloom ceramic knick-knack I got as a gift many many years ago. I actually started collecting these, but thankfully stopped at four. They're not my style anymore, and I'm no longer interesting in having lots of dust collectors around the house, so I'll probably be selling these soon. For this picture I used two of my favourite PicMonkey effects: Dusk and Soften. Cheers!

R is for Red

This past Saturday my mom and I went down to the Grape Encounters EmPOURium in downtown Atascadero and I had a One Way Red Flight. It was a lot of fun, and I got to try some delicious new-to-me red wines. I'll be posting a more detailed entry about this adventure soon, so stay tuned! I turned to PicMonkey once again to enhance this picture by first cropping it, then using the Urbane filter to soften it. Cheers!

Q is for Quote

Years ago I had a "Quote of the Day" desktop calendar. Each day had a different inspirational quote, many of which helped get me through my day either by being witty, or thoughtful, or, like this one, just what I needed to hear. I liked it so much, I've kept it all this time! I apologize for this shot being blurry, but I used my iPhone camera, and didn't have my readers on (yeah, my vision is THAT bad!). I tried to make it clearer with some sharpening tools at PicMonkey, as well as using the Black and White effect. Have a great day! Cheers!

P is for Pink

Pink is one of my all-time favourite colours! I have various shades of pink nail polish, pink clothing items, and pink accessories. I'm not sure if I'm pre-programmed to like pink because I'm a girl and grew up with Barbies, or if I just decided on my own I liked pink because it's pretty. Regardless, I continue to gravitate towards all things pink!