C is for Crafts

These crafts are not mine. There's a new little arts and crafts shop that opened downtown and I visited during the last Art and Wine Tour. They had all sorts of adorable crafty things like this birdhouse with the cork roof (which my mom has totally already done; in fact she made a whole birdhouse out of wine corks!). They also have classes in various artsy things. It's definitely a wonderful and adorable addition to downtown!

Friday Five for March

1. I spent last weekend putting together two new pieces of furniture for my den: a computer desk and lateral file cabinet. I questioned my own sanity quite often during those two days, but in the end, both pieces look fabulous, work properly (yay!), and most importantly match another larger piece of furniture already in the room. Now, my den looks like it belongs to a grown-up, rather than a poor college student who got all her mis-matched stuff from family throw-aways or at Goodwill!


2. This weekend, I plan on relaxing (after mowing the lawn, that is)!

3. Tonight is the Art and Wine Tour in downtown Atascadero, and I am SO looking forward to it! I missed the one in December because it was just too cold, and last month it rained during the Sweetheart Stroll, so we didn't go to that. From the sound of it, there will be some great wineries pouring as well as some fantastic art displays!

4. Has anyone watched Resurrection, yet? I've been watching The Returned and wondered if Resurrection was just the American rip-off of the French show. If so, I don't know if I'll bother, because The Returned is just SO good!

5. The shoes I wore to work today (and posted about on Instagram) managed to stay on almost all day. I only took them off when I worked the counter, because I just couldn't stand for that long in them! Still, I'm pretty excited because I haven't worn heels for a long time, and I'd like to do it more often. 

Friday Five Feburary 7th

  1. While things at work are still a bit of a mess, I think it's getting better. At least there's less crying. I think we're on our way to the "reluctant accpetance" aspect of all the extra work the new system has brought with it, though we're still not happy with it.
  2. Anyway ... on the bright side, the annual Sweetheart Stroll in downtown Atascadero happens tomorrow! I'm really looking forward to some wine and chocolate tasting and checking out our awesome downtown shops!
  3. My lab results finally came back and it turns out everything is normal, except for very, very low vitamin D. Now I know most folks would be THRILLED to have normal test results, but I'm a bit disappointed. Because seriously? Vitamin D? That can't possibly be what's causing my pain and stiffness, right??*
  4. Gah, whatever! In just 3 weeks I'll be in Green Bay, WI for the 10th annual Weetacon (OMG, 10 years?!?) enjoying some very cold weather, and putting all my woes behind me!
  5. Oh, and eating fresh cheese curds. Yummy, squeaky cheese curds!


* Okay, I guess a vitamin D deficiency CAN cause muscle pain and stiffness!! Wow! If that's the case, then just taking the vitamin D3 my doctor suggested should take care of the problem! I know I shouldn't get my hopes up, but being pain-free again would be AWEsome!!