Best of 2007

Yellow Flower, originally uploaded by LapisBlue.

A collection of what are (in my humble opinion) forty of the best photographs I took in 2007. Enjoy!

And, now, so sad! Baaaarrrrooooooo!!!

Washoe has died. She was 42; just a few months older than me. Having attended and graduated from Central Washington University, I, of course, new all about Washoe, the hand-signing chimp - she was totally famous on campus. Through her and the work of Dr. Roger Fouts, we were able to learn so much about chimpanzees, as well as learning a lot about ourselves.

Rest in peace, Washoe. And thank you.

Atascadero Wine Festival

Yesterday mom and I went to the 12th Annual Atascadero Wine Festival. It was great fun! We hadn't been for a few years because I usually went to the CAPA Conference. Well, the Con was in San Diego this year, and I didn't have any time (or money) to travel down there to attend, so I went to the Wine Fest instead! It was, I can pretty much guarantee, much more fun! Read all about it here! Cheers!