Z is for Zoo

Yes, another obvious one: zoo! This is the entrance to the Charles Paddock Zoo in Atascadero, CA. You used to be able to get a better picture of the tiger statue, but they recently moved the flamingos out there, so they had to fence it and make it tougher to get a good shot. I actually haven't been to the zoo since they remodelled last year; I might have to do that this summer!

Hope you have all enjoyed my photographic journey through the alphabet during this year's Blogging from A to Z Challenge! See you next year! Cheers!

Cats and Dogs

For today's catch-up post for Blogging from A to Z, I'm doing C for cats and D for dogs. 

First up: C is for Cats. A few years ago we had our backyard landscaped. It's awesome, and I love it, but one of the plants they put in is cat mint, which is something the neighbourhood kitties apparently LOVE. There are two of them in particular that we see making the trek through our backyard stopping to rub their fuzzy little faces on the cat mint and taking little nibbles of it. One day they were both hanging out at the same time and seemed surprised to see each other. 


I loved watching this one kitty on the fence as he watched the other cat enjoy the mint!


Eventually the two hopped over the fence and disappeared into our neighbour's yard. A few moments later, the one with the big, fuzzy tail (the one in the grass int he first picture), hops back up on the fence and continues on his way home. I don't know what if anything  transpired between the two, but I've seen both separately since then, so there were no injuries sustained to either at least!

Next we have D for dog, and shot of my aunt and uncle's two pugs, Bow Wow and Trixie chillin' out on a Sunday morning. 


They are very cute, extremely sweet dogs, and though they are slowing down a bit with age, are still a lot of fun to be around!


NaBloPoMo April 2012


You Capture: Looking In

This little fellow (or gal, I really have no idea as this is not my cat) has recently become a frequent visitor to our backyard. I believe s/he lives in the house just over the fence kitty-corner from us. (pun kinda intended there) I believe s/he is attracted to the plants growing along our "dry creekbed" which, when I looked at the notes I took after Madrone Landscaping finished our backyard a couple years ago, is called Cat Mint.  That's some of it right there at the little kitty's furry feet. Frankly I hate this plant - it grows like crazy and obviously attracts cats which isn't good when one enjoys bird watching. We haven't had any birds at our feeder since these plants arrived. But we have cats! Oh, boy, do we have cats! I ripped a couple of the plants out last fall (they come out real easy!), but we still have three or four left. And the kitties LOVE them. We will often see the plants smushed down where some cat was rubbing it's face or rolling in it. Gah! So annoying!

Anyway ... Here's my submission for You Capture this week of a neighbourhood kitty looking in to my window as I was looking out at her. Or him. Whatever.

Oh, and by the way, this cat totally took off running just after I snapped that shot! I've never seen s/he move that fast before!


NaBloPoMo February 2012