Back to the Old Grind

Well, I made it back from my Ohio vacation safe and sound. All my flights were on time and uneventful - unless you count upgrading to First Class eventful, in which case my flight from Dayton to Dallas was VERY eventful! - and even my luggage made it to SLO with no problems. I love when things work out that way!

I am exhausted, however, and apparently it shows, as a couple co-workers commented, "You look tired." Gee, thanks! Now get me some coffee! I don't know why I do this to myself every time I go on a trip. I don't know why I don't just take the next day off to rest, unpack, do laundry, grocery shopping, etc. I guess I hate the idea of wasting a vacation day just staying home, just like I hate the idea of losing a day of vacation to travel and opt for overnight flights. Still, I guess using a vacation day to recover from my vacation wouldn't really be a waste of time, and maybe I should consider it, especially since I have plenty of vacation time.

Maybe someday I'll do that.

Someday, but not today. I just booked my next vacation at the end of October/beginning of November and did the red-eye flight Thursday night into Friday morning and return on Monday and head back to work on Tuesday thing. Like I said, maybe someday I'll give myself a break!