New Beginnings #4

I know I'm late with this entry this week and I'm so sorry! I totally spaced it off yesterday! Anyway, here it is:

1. Health and Fitness

o   Get down to size 12 (currently at 16).  Same as last week.

o   Try three new recipes per month (one of which will be vegetarian). I didn’t try anything new this weekend since both my mom and I were sick and didn't feel like having anything more complicated than chicken soup.

o   Hit the gym four days per week. I only made it to the gym twice last week before getting sick. I went back last night for the first time since last Wednesday, and it went really well. My trainer was nice enough to not have me lying on the floor, which could have messed up my still-stuffy head and sinuses, but he still found some wonderful new ways to torture me, er, I mean, help me get fit!

2. Writing  

o   Write 1st draft of book 1 of Falcon's Gate Trilogy. Nothing new here. In fact I'm not sure I'm even going to write this book now, as I've got some other ideas floating around in my head now. So maybe I'll be writing something different.

o   Write 1st draft of book 2 of Falcon's Gate Trilogy during NaNoWriMo. Begins November 1st and continues through November 30th.  

o   Write some poetry. No poetry this week.

3. Photography

o   Take more artistic photos. I finally got my digital camera, ELPHie back, but haven’t really found anything interesting to photograph, yet. However, the new list for 26 Things is out, and I've got some ideas for a few of the "things" already! Feel free to join me if you're so inclined!

o   Spend more time composing photos rather than just “point and shoot”. Nothing done with this one, but I probably will do some for 26 Things.

o   Go "old school": take some pictures using film with manual 35mm camera. I need to take my roll of film down to be processed and see if anything at all came of it. I'm kind of excited to see what I've got!

4. Homefront

o   Organize stuff. This is a work in progress, for sure!

o   Reduce clutter. Nothing in this category last week, but I have some more CDs and DVDs to try to sell to Second Spin. I got my check for the last batch I sent to them - over a hundred dollars! - so I'm excited to see what else I can get rid of!

o   Work on landscaping project(s). Because this has become a much larger project than anticipated, there’s a chance we might end up hiring it done. The ENTIRE backyard has been destroyed by the storms last week and our attempts to keep the water away from the house, so a professional landscaper may be our only option.

5. Fun Stuff Haven’t done a single thing on this list yet.

o   Go to the beach more often.

o   Learn to surf (or at least body board).

o   Get new ink.

A is for Amethyst


The theme for the May 2008 26 Things was the alphabet. It was fun trying to come up with ideas for each letter of the alphabet, then find the object and photograph it. The letter A (shown above) was pretty easy: I just took a picture of a chunk of amethyst I have as decoration in my back garden. The hardest one by far was the letter X; I ended up just snapping the cover of a ream of Xerox paper at work. Kinda lame, I know, but hopefully I made up for it with the other 25 pictures! See my whole set on flickr here or in my gallery here. Enjoy!