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August 2019

Holidailies 2019: Day 5


As much as I love going on trips and visiting people and places, I sometimes really dislike flying. It's hectic, stressful, and exhausting on a good day, and this time was way worse. Maybe it wouldn't have been so bad  if I'd only done a round-trip from SLO to Paris via San Francisco or LA, but I thought it would be fun to travel with my friend Darlene, so I spent one full day flying from SLO to San Francisco to Portland. Then, very early the next morning, Darlene and I flew from Portland to Seattle to Paris! 


And, it was fun to fly together - we even managed to get seats together! - and arrive in Paris together to begin our amazing adventure, but it also took a lot out of me. We hit the ground running in Paris, as we usually do on our adventures, so I didn't have time to feel the effects of all those flights right away, but it all caught up to me when I got home! I'm no spring chicken, and not really in the best shape, so I'm really sore, physically and mentally exhausted, and maybe coming down with a cold (but I really hope not!). But, I learned a valuable lesson: no more multi-day flying for me! If I'm travelling with friends, we can all just meet up at our destination and begin our adventure from there! 



Holidailies 2019: Day 4 - Congrats Baby Card

So, before I jump into my amazing vacation to Paris, I would like to go back and share a card I made for my cousin and his wife for their Baby Fiesta that was held just before I left. It was a really lovely and super fun party, and it was nice to spend some time catching up with my uncle (my aunt was busy helping with the party, so we didn't get to chat much). They didn't actually want cards, but instead asked for books that we were to sign to be shared with the baby later on. My mom and I did that as well (we got Where the Wild Things Are by Maurice Sendak, and What Do You Do With An Idea? by Kobi Yamada), but sorry, not sorry, I'm still making a card!


The "superbaby" stamp is from Dreamerland Crafts, and I stamped it with Ranger Archival Ink in Jet Black, and coloured it using Prismacolor pencils. The sentiment (Congrats) was stamped using the same black ink, and is from the "Bundle of Joy" set by Altenew. I used a wonky stitched rectangle die from My Favorite Things to cut out the image, and layered it over a piece of plaid pattered paper which I believe was from the Tim Holtz Christmas pattered paper pad. Then, I adhered it to a white card base. Pretty simple, but I think it turned out really cute!

Thanks for stopping by! Cheers!

Holidailies 2019: Day 3


December 3rd was another full day of travel for me, and thankfully my last for awhile! Darlene had to go back to work, so we rode the Trimet together to her stop, then I continued on to the Portland airport. I flew from Portland to San Francisco where I had a couple hour’s layover so I had a delicious steak sandwich and a margarita before catching my final flight to SLO.


We landed in SLO mid-afternoon and I was home before the evening news, and the rain! It was probably one of the smoothest travel experiences I’ve ever had (probably because I was back on United!), but I’m in no hurry to jump on another airplane anytime soon!

Right now I need to sort through 1,200+ travel photos, and start writing my travel blog entries while the experience is still fairly fresh! 


Holidailies 2019: Day 2


December 2nd is the first of two full travel days for me as I fly back home from Paris. Today was only the first leg, and I’ve already decided I’m never doing this again! I love my friend Darlene and I’ve had a blast travelling with her, but having just spent a full day flying from Paris to Seattle to Portland, and knowing I have another full day flying from Portland to San Francisco to SLO tomorrow is making me tired and grumpy. And also I’m sure it was more expensive than just flying from SLO to San Francisco (or LA) to Paris. But, live and learn! Next time we can each make our own way to our exciting vacation destination, and just meet up once we all arrive!


Holidailies 2019: Day 1

Greetings and welcome back to my poor, neglected blog for Holidailies 2019! It’s December 1st and I’m still on holiday (in Paris!!), so this is going to be a quick entry to say hey, hi, how’re ya doing? There are still two sights to visit today, and I still need to have some escargot because I’m in Paris! Also I still have to pack for the return trips (yes, that’s trips, plural) starting tomorrow. Phew! I’m tired already! 


Anyway, I don’t know if I’m going to manage to write a blog post everyday this month, but I’m going to try. Also this epic trip will provide me with at least five entries, and maybe more, I’ll see how it goes! For now I need to see if I can find some WiFi to post this.