Holidailies 2019: Day 2
Holidailies 2019: Day 4 - Congrats Baby Card

Holidailies 2019: Day 3


December 3rd was another full day of travel for me, and thankfully my last for awhile! Darlene had to go back to work, so we rode the Trimet together to her stop, then I continued on to the Portland airport. I flew from Portland to San Francisco where I had a couple hour’s layover so I had a delicious steak sandwich and a margarita before catching my final flight to SLO.


We landed in SLO mid-afternoon and I was home before the evening news, and the rain! It was probably one of the smoothest travel experiences I’ve ever had (probably because I was back on United!), but I’m in no hurry to jump on another airplane anytime soon!

Right now I need to sort through 1,200+ travel photos, and start writing my travel blog entries while the experience is still fairly fresh!