1. Morning Light. This morning I was finally able to see that we got 6” of rain during the storm that rolled through last Wednesday through Thursday. We’re supposed to get more rain this next week, so I need to dump out my rain gauge before the next s
2. Favourite Photo of 2018. This is a repost of a shot of the Eiffel Tower I took in Paris this past summer. I love this picture because 1) it was my first time in Paris and it was super exciting, and 2) I loved how the Eiffel Tower just suddenly appeared

Holidailies 2018 Day 1

Hello, and welcome back to my blog! I know it's been a hundred years since I've posted an actual blog entry here, but sorry, not sorry, because I've been busy living life! OK who am I kidding, I’ve actually just been working pretty much all the time with a little bit of living thrown in, and generally just so very exhausted from all the working and living and stuff, that I haven’t had the energy to do much of anything, and ... Phew!

Anyway, I do want to get back into blogging and what better time to jump back in than with Holidailies!! Strangely enough, I'm a little nervous about doing Holidailies because I'm SO out of practice writing every day, but I'm also excited to start writing again. My goal is to write a blog post every day for the month of December, and hopefully I’ll be able to continue writing into the New Year!

This month I'm also participating in December Reflections, a daily photo project, so expect to see a lot of pictures here as well. By far the biggest thing to happen to me in 2018 was my trip to London, England, and Paris, France in August with my friends Pam and Darlene. We had a blast, and I'm excited to share it with you all! And, of course, all things Christmas - from my modest decorations, Christmas card designs, activities, and the infamous Christmas Letter, I'll be dropping it all right here!

So Happy Holidailies, everyone, and wish me luck!  Cheers!