This week's #mealprepsunday dish: Mexicali Chicken Casserole. Just add a small salad or fresh veggies for a delicious meal! #bonappetit
Hey, everyone! Here's my #February design for my #2017 calendar. All stamps are from Stampa Barbara except the sentiment which is from Stampourri. Blank calendar was purchased from Cheers! #rubberstampart #valentinesday

Thingadailies #1

So it's February again, and it's the time for Thingadailies! It's like Horrordailies in October and Holidailies in December, but instead of writing a blog post every day (or trying to!), you make something everyday (or try to!). Now, I will probably only manage to make about five or six things this month, because I just don't have that kind of time. But it's fun to participate anyway, and I do love to see what other people create!

My first Thing is my February 2017 calendar page. I purchased two blank calendars from Top Notch Calendars so I could stamp designs for each month of this year, and make calendars for myself and my mom. For February I did a Valentine's Day-themed page using the Heart Ornament and Bow Ornament Hanger both from Stampa Barbara, and the "Happy Valentine's Day" sentiment from Stampourri. It's a simple design, but I think it came out really nice.


I hope to do some more rubber stamping this month (there's at least one Valentine's card in the works!), but the majority of my "Things" might be food, as all I've been really into lately is cooking. That or photography. Does taking a picture count as a "Thing" for Thingadailies? No idea. How about making a list? I have Weetacon coming up, and I always have several lists going when I'm travelling. Well, hopefully I'll be able to find some other creative things to share this month! Have a great day! Cheers!