11. Biggest Lesson From 2016: cooking meals for the week makes it easier to eat healthy! Totally plan to continue this practice in 2017! #decemberreflections2016 #healthyeating #mealprepsunday #cleaneating #moreveggies
2016 Christmas Cards

Weekend Update

Hello, and Happy Monday! Or something like that. Anyway, after last Friday's double to-do list, I thought I'd check in and see how many items I actually accomplished. First I had a list of things I hoped to get done over the weekend, and then I added a list of things that were more likely to get done! Here's the first list with the results:

1. Sell some stamps. Not done! Actually I was so busy stamping and cooking, I completely forgot about this one!

2. Clean out my closet. Not done! I didn't even look in my closet this weekend except to pick out what I was going to wear to work today!

3. Finish/Purchase/Mail Christmas cards.  Almost done! I was able to get a lot of cards stamped yesterday, and used up all my previously purchased cards. Honestly I don't know how many cards I have left to make/buy, but I actually feel very good about this one!

4. Mow the lawn. DONE!

5.  Work on my End-of the-Year blog stuff. Not done! I didn't even get started on this in any way, shape, or form. Maybe next weekend!

Okay, so I pretty much sucked on that list, let's see how I did on the next one:

1. Meal prep and cooking for the week. Done! I did a pretty easy recipe this week, so it didn't take as much time, but it will still be super healthy and delicious!

2. Napping. Not (really) done! I was successful on Saturday, but I tried to take a nap yesterday afternoon, and couldn't fall asleep.

3. Catching up on all the TV shows I missed this week. Not done! I completely forgot about two favourites: Designated Survivor and Timeless, and I wanted to watch Hairspray! Live, but never had enough time.

4. Mow the lawn.  Done! The weather held out just long enough, so I'm good to go on that for a few more weeks!

5. Take a walk. Done! It's had to get up and go for a walk after relaxing, especially when the weather's not that great, but we did it anyway, and it felt fantastic!

So, by the looks of it my weekend was a total fail, but I really got so much done, that I feel really good about it, and not at all guilty or bad for the things I didn't get done. There's always next weekend, right?!? Have a terrific week, everyone! Cheers!