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Monthly Resolutions - December 2016

Hello, and Happy December! I think I might've forgotten to do my Monthly Resolutions*  in November. I can't remember now, and I don't feel like digging though my November entries (not that there are many, but still ...) to see if I did or not. So never mind, on to December!

1.  I'm participating in both Holidailies and December Reflections this month, and I'm already 1 day behind on Holidailies. While the collective goal is to write an entry every day for the month of December, my personal goal is 20 entries. If I do more, great, if not, I won't beat myself up over it. As for December Reflections, I'm confident I'll be able to post a photo every day for that challenge.

2.  I've recently started stamping again, and have a couple goals regarding that this month: 1) finish my Christmas cards and get them mailed (preferably before December 15th), and 2) start planning and stamping my 2017 calendars. I purchased a couple small calendars from an Etsy shop earlier this week, and plan to make a calendar for myself and one for my mom. They are 6" X 6" which is quite small, yes, but the smaller size will hopefully keep me from getting overwhelmed with lots of blank white paper!

3.  Read a couple books. I haven't done much reading this year, and I would like to change that. I got really sick back in March/April, and reading on the bus made me dizzy, so I just listened to music or watched YouTube videos. Then I started reading a mystery I purchased over the summer which was hard to get into, so it took me literally 3 1/2 months to finish. Now I'm reading a delightful "cozy" mystery I'm really enjoying! I hope to get to my favourite used book store, Buckets of Books, and pick up some more books for the upcoming year!

Well, I think that's enough goals for the already-busy month of December. Do you have any goals, plans, or things to accomplish this month? Let me know in the comments, and have a terrific Friday! 

 *Inspiration for the Monthly Resolutions from Kim at The Kim Challenge. Check her out!