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A Few of My Favourite Things (and Some Not So Much) November 2016

Sorry, I'm a little late with my Favourites this month. I was actually trying to figure out what some of my favourite things for November even were (and weren't)! But, I believe I have finally come up with a pretty good selection, and I hope you enjoy!

  1. Roasting veggies and Sunday meal prep. During the month of November, it finally became cold enough for me to be able to use my oven on a regular basis, which meant more roasted veggies for our dinners. I also did a much better job of planning and preparing meals for the week (usually on Sundays) using healthier recipes from my Clean Eating magazines rather than a prepared box mix (like Hamburger Helper - not that there's anything wrong with Hamburger Helper, I'm just trying to eat less processed foods.). The result has been more delicious, healthier meals!
  2. Stamping. I finally got back into rubber stamping in a big way in November, and even purchased a device that will make stamping and making cards easier: the Mini MISTI. The MISTI helps you stamp an image more than once if necessary to make a better picture. I also purchased another awesome device - the Big Shot die cutting machine. And, while that doesn't really help me with my older wood-mounted stamps, it's awesome for some of the newer clear stamp sets I've purchased that come with coordinating dies, making it easier to cut out the images for cards.
  3. Christmas Decorating. I almost didn't do it, but the Sunday after Thanksgiving, I finally grabbed my two bins of decorations, and my pre-lighted, artificial Christmas tree and did a little decorating. I only put up the tree with some ornaments, and my Nativity, but it's festive!
  4. Cancelling my subscription boxes. Yes, I enjoyed the variety of subscription boxes I signed up for over the summer and fall, but they all had so many products in them that after a while I was overwhelmed by the amount of products on my bathroom counter. I used some of them, but a lot of them were either items I would never use, or just didn't like, and eventually I realilzed that I wasn't enjoying getting the boxes in the mail, but was getting stressed out over them. They felt like a burden, and I finally decided to let them just go! Last weekend, I went and tossed all the little sample things, and products Inever used and never wil), and cancelled all but 1 of my boxes. I'm keeping the Sephora Play! box because it's fun, inexpensive, doesn't have a LOT of stuff, and I have actually found products I've liked and eventually purchased the full size of.
  5. Our Unconventional Thanksgiving! My mom and I did NOTHING for Thanksgiving but watch the Macy's Parade, take a walk around Atascadero Lake, and enjoyed a lasagna and salad for dinner. It was a perfect, relaxing, no stress day!

And, now here's a couple things I didn't like about November:

1.  The time change. Or did that happen in October? I can't remember now, and it doesn't matter, I don't like it. Sure, that extra hour of snoozing on Sunday morning is nice, but, that Monday morning it's suddenly so light, and that night after work it's pitch black! Yes, I know it's going to grow dark at night eventually, but I'd prefer the nice, gentle, gradual darkening as opposed to the sudden pitch blackness.

Okay, so I guess there was only one thing I didn't like, but really, what's not to like? November is already a short month with two holidays, so it's basically a really fun month! How was your November? Did you do anything fun? Take a trip? Visit family or friends for Thanksgiving? Let me know if the comments, and I hope you have a great day!