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Fortune Cookie Soap Fall Soap Box Unboxing

So I finally got around to opening up the Fall Soap Box from Fortune Cooke Soap. It's called "As You Wish", and appears to be Princess Bride themed. 


There are nine items total in this box, all of which are described on the enclised card.


The first item is always a welcome and useful item: hand sanitize! This one is called Prepare to Die! and is supposed to smell like cookie dough with clove and saffron. I kind of wish the hand sanitize wasn't scented, because it always conflicts with my perfume, but it's still nice to have around!


Next up is a small sample of shampoo called Buttercup. The scent notes are: "...candied rum wrapped with ripe fig, bergamot, sweet vanilla musk". It sounds delightful, and I'm looking forward to using it!


This teeny tiny sample is their unscented facial moisturizer. I'm a little bummed it's so small  - really only one use - because you can't really tell if you like it or not after only one use. 


The whipped cream body butter is a really good-sized sample, and is described as smelling like "golden honey drizzled over toasted almonds and pumpkin puree warmed with amber". The scent is not overpowering once it's on, and it really made my super dry hands feel much softer!


The perfume oil sample is called Inconceivable! It's a really sweet-smelling fragrance, probably because of the whipped vanilla cream and poached pears. I kinda wish I could smell the fall woods and black amber more, but it's nice.


Next up is something I'm looking forward to: the Pit of Despair - Steam Me Up, Scotty! shower cube. It's scented with fresh-cut lemongrass, tropical plumeria, and one of my all-time favourte scents: patchouli! I can't wait to try this!


I wasn't sure what this next item was until I read the description, and now I'm curious to try it: The True Love facial cleansing oil. I've tried a cleansing oil from Neutrogena, I believe it was, and really liked it. This one smells amazing (fresh citrus, creamy jasmine petals and sea salt). 


I'm honestly not sure what the point of a scented cotton ball is. Is is supposed to be like potpourri? Do you put it in your lingerie drawer? I don't know. The scent is described as "rich pound cake, scented with cardamom, pistachio, and rosewater topped with creamy buttercream". Umm, okay.


The final item is the famous fortune cookie-shaped soap bar. It's an "aromatic blend of medieval honey apple mead" which made me really crave a good mead! I've used a couple of these soaps, and they've been hit and miss. One lathered up really well, anther one not so much. We'll see how this one does! Oh, and yeah, it comes with a fortune, this one a quote from the movie, I'm assuming.



That's it for this Fortune Cookie Soap box. I'm honestly on the fence over whether or not to continue getting these boxes. Past boxes have had items I've been allergic to, and sometimes overpowering scents bug me. I'll give these a try, though, and we'll see how I do. 

 Hope you're having a great weekend! Go Packers! Cheers! 

Friday Five: October 7

 TGIF, and Happy Friday, everyone! It seemed like this week was SO long, and yet, suddenly here we are at Friday! I'm thrilled, especially since this is a 3-day weekend! Yes, we get Columbus Day off from work. Why we still have this holiday, I have no idea, but I'm not complaining! Do you have Colombus Day off? Do you have any fun plans? I've got a few things I'd like to get done this weekend, five, in fact:

1.  Mow the lawn. Yeah, I didn't get that done last wekened, and it's really bad now!

2.  Switch out spring/summer wardrobe for fall/winter.  While it's still pretty hot during the daytime, the early mornings and evenings are getting chilly, and I'm looking forward to wearing more sweaters, and darker colours like burgundy, oxblood, and wine.

3.  Do some cooking! This one may or may not happen depending on whether or not I can use my oven. It's supposed to be in the 90s again this weekend, and I can't use the oven when it's that hot because it heats up the whole house. So annoying!

4.  Go through my DVDs and CDs.  I've been hanging on to a lot of old disks, and I don't know why. The storage units for these items are taking up valuable space in my house, and I can't think of the last time I actually listened to a CD or watched a DVD. I'm pretty sure anything I'd want to watch or listen to could easily be found on iTunes, or streaming somewhere on the web, so I think it's time to get rid of most, if not all, of my unneeded collection.

5.  Go through my stamps.  I've been watching some stamping tutorials on YouTube (the bane of my existence!!), and am finally coming around to see how convenient these new-fangled clear cling stamps are. I also really like that many of them come in sets with corresponding dies that, when used with a special die cutter, make cutting out images SO much easier and faster!  BUT, I still have a LOT of wood-mounted stamps, and I can't really start buying a lot of cute new cling stamps (at least no more than I already have!) until I get rid of some old wood mounts. It's going to be hard, because I love my stamps, but I guess what I really need to do is decide:

    a) how much stamping do I really get done? 

    b) what kind of stamper do I really want to be: general greeting/seasonal cards or scenes/landscapes?

Wow, that's really a lot for a three-day weekend, particularly, when I'd like to spend 1 day doing something fun, but I'll give it a shot anyway! Hope you have a terrific weekend! Cheers! 

Sephora Play! September 2016 Unboxing

So, I'm finally getting around to opening my September Sephora Play! box. This box is called The Unbasic Basics, so I'm thinking it's going to have all the basic items we need to look gorgeous!


The bag the products come in is super cute, and really convenient to reuse to store miscellaneous items like jewelry, smaller cosmetics, charger cords, flash drives, marbles ... whatever you like! (and for the record, the bottle opener does not come with the box, it's just what I used to open the box!)


 So there are six items total, all in convenient trial/travel sizes, and a large foldout poster with information about  the products.


 The first item I picked up was the perfume sample, called Sud Magnolia from Atelier Cologne. It's a floral fragrance with magnolia, as well as wood and citrus. It's quite nice and I really like it! It also comes with a really pretty post card.


 Next is a pretty pink lipstick from the Sephora collection: Rouge Shine Lipstick in Love Spell. I really like the pink colour (see the swatch below), and I think it will look good on me.




 The next item is an overnight hair treatment from Living Proof. I've received this particular item either as a bonus item when purchasing cosmetics as Ulta, or in a Beauty Con box, I can remember which now. Since I shower at night, this is not really a product I would ever use as you're supposed to use it as an overnight hair mask that you wash out the next morning. I have tried other Living Proof items, however, I really liked them, so I imagine this would work just as well.


 Next up is a lightweight moisturizer from Ole Henriksen. I don't think I've ever used anything from this company, so I'm excited to try this! It feels really light and creamy, and I think it'll soak into my skin very quickly. 


 This Anastasia Beverly Hills clear brow gel is definitely something I can use to tame my wild eyebrows! I've been using items from the new Benefit brow collection, and really like them, but I can always use clear brow gel!


 This Kat Von D tattoo liner is probably something I will never use since I never use eye liner. It is, however, a really nice formula with a sharp, pointed applicator that applies a really thin line (or slightly thicker if you press down harder).




That's pretty much it for this month's box. You also get this Sephora Play! card that you can take into any Sephora and get extra Beauty points (with purchase, of course!) and makeup tutorial. Overall I think this is a really good box with several things I will definitely use, and just a couple I probably won't. If you're interested in singing up for this monthly subscription box (which is $10.00 a month, btw), you can go to and enter your email address. It's pretty limited, and I'm not sure if there are any places open right now (I was on the wait list for about three months before finally getting on the list!), but it can't hurt to try, right?

Hope you all have a great day, and I'll see you next time! Cheers!

Monthly Resolutions - October 2016

Hey, everyone! It's October and that means it's time for my Monthly Resolutions* again! I'm keeping it simple this month since I'm doing Horrordailies, and will likely be busy blogging! Actually, "Blogging everyday for Horrordailies" could easily be a resolution in itself, but there are a few more things I'd like to accomplish as well:

  1. Continue purging makeup and clothes.  I've been doing pretty well with this, despite a couple "two steps back" situations I'll blog about later, and want to keep the momentum going!
  2. Take in two pair of too-big pants.  I did a couple pair over the summer, and while it took a whole day (probably because I haven't sewn in a while!), they both turned out really good. So, rather than trying to replace them, I'll try to take them in instead.
  3. Go to the beach at least once. I can't remember the last time I went to the beach, and I really miss it!
  4. Cook a meal from scratch once a week.  This one might be the hardest, because it takes so much time to buy, prep, and cook. But, the results are always amazing, and way healthier than buying frozen stuff all the time.

That might seem like a lot, but it looks pretty doable. Hopefully! What are you resolutions/goals for October? Let me know in the comments! Have a great day! Cheers!

 *Inspiration for the Monthly Resolutions from Kim at The Kim Challenge. Check her out!

Black Dahlia Lacquer Unboxing

Hey, everyone, hello and happy Tuesday! Today I'm unboxing the September subscription box from Black Dahlia Lacquer. Their monthly subscription boxes are $20.00, and you get 1 full size (14 ml) bottle of polish and two smaller sized (8 ml) bottles. This is the September edition box featuring fall colours, and they look really cool!


 Here's all three of them out of the box.


This first polish really reminds me of fall with its orangy-sparkly colour and is called Leaves of Clay, and I think it's going to be my favourite! I love the clay colour, and the sparkles are pretty, too!


 Next up is the full-size polish which is a really pretty purple colour. They've called it Bodacious Orchid, and I really love that name!


And, finally we have In the Air which is a calming light blue colour with iridescent micro glitter. I like this colour, too, but it almost feels more springtime to me, rather than autumn.


 I tested each of these out on one of my empty colour wheels. Full disclosure, I used my Butter London primer base coat because that's what I use on my fingernails, and I wanted to see what the true colour would be. This is with two coats of the Black Dahlia polishes, and they all came out really great! I really love the full coverage from all three of these polishes!

Overall, I'm pretty happy with this set, and I can't wait to paint my nails! Have a great Tuesday, and I'll see you next time! Cheers!



Stamping Haul - Michael's and Beverly's

So, it's the time of year again when I decide I'm going to start stamping, and despite having a TON of rubber stamps and accessories already in my collection, I always go and buy the latest and greatest designs. Apparently rubber stamps and stamping accessories are a serious shopping weakness for me! Last year I bought the Ugly Sweater cling stamp set by Simon Says Stamp, and this year is was a bunch of clear cling stamps in a variety of designs. Yes, I still have the Ugly Sweater set and could easily have made this year's Christmas cards with them (and might use them for a few, who knows?!), but I recently visited both Michael's AND Beverly's, saw a couple adorable new sets, and just couldn't resist!

First off, however, are the Mini Ink Blending Tool and extra foam tops from Ranger I picked up. I've been watching Crazy Paper Chick on YouTube, and love how she uses this tool to blend inks around the edges of paper. Hopefully, I'll  be able to do it as well as she does!

Craft haul 1

Here are the stamp sets I bought - first is the set of various sentiments from Hero Arts, and a Mason Jar, butterfly, flower, and heart from Art-c. I really don't know why I bought that second set, particularly because it came with coordinating dies, and I don't have to Sizzix to use with them. It was a total impulse buy, and might totally be returned to the store.

Craft haul 2

 Next up is the Jingle all the Way Christmas set from Carta Bella, which I pretty much just bought for the pick-up truck with the tree in the back, the totally adorable Christmas elves from Lia Griffith for Hero Arts, and this cute little set from Dear Lizzy. That was another total impulse buy, that I picked up just for the bird and buildings.

Craft haul 3

 And here are a bunch of mini ink pads and ink sprayers from Tim Holtz for Ranger, as well as a little tin to store the mini ink pads .

Craft haul 4

 And, finally, my last impulse buy: plaid decorative tape. What? Why? I don't even know!

Craft haul 6

 So, there you have it! What is your biggest shopping weakness? Let me know in the comments, and have a terrific day! Cheers!

New Toy: Popsocket

So, I recently discovered YouTuber CutiePieMarzia  and have really enjoyed watching her videos as well as reading her blog. I love her sense of style and design, and bonus: she owns pugs! I also recently discovered a phone accessory call Popsockets. These clever items make it easy to hold on to your cell phone as well as making a convenient stand or earbud cord holder. Anyway, Marzia recently created her own design for a Popsocket, and I had to have it! It arrived in the mail yesterday, and I immediately stuck it on the back of my phone.


It stuck perfectly the first time, right where I wanted it! However, you can reposition Popsockets all you like.


 Here's a side view of the Popsocket. Here's where you hold it with your fingers, or you can wrap your earbud cord around it for convenient storage.


 I love how the colours she chose go so well with my phone!




 It's so much easier to take selfies now, and for Snapchatting!


Hope you have having a lovely Sunday! Cheers!

World Cardmaking Day 2016

So, today is World Cardmaking Day. (It's also the first day of Horrordailies, which is pretty exciting, too!) I had no idea this was a thing, but I'm pretty excited to have discovered it! I have been wanting to get back to stamping for a couple months, and fully intended to stamp Halloween cards last month, and Autumn/Thanksgiving, and Christmas cards this month, but I'm running out of time! For today, to celebrate the event, I'm going to whip out a quick Halloween card in the hopes that it will inspire me to do more.

I decided to do a Halloween card, and grabbed a bunch of my favourite Halloween stamps: Card Trio, Scardy Cat, and Gravestone by Stampa Barbara; Bat Trio by All Night Media; "Trick or Treat" sentiment by Peddler's Pack Stamp; and Ghost by Uptown Rubber Stamps. 



 I masked off the three cards, and stamped the Ghost, Gravestone, and Scardy Cat in each card with my black Marvy marker, and used coloured pencils to colour them in. I used my black Marvy marker to stamp the sentiment and Bat Trio. I used a black caligraphy pen to handwrite the "R.I.P." on the Gravestone, and the Boo! up above the Scardy cat.



I think it turned out pretty good, and it only took me about an hour! I hope you're having a great Saturday, and Happy Horrordailies!  Cheers!