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New Toy: Popsocket

So, I recently discovered YouTuber CutiePieMarzia  and have really enjoyed watching her videos as well as reading her blog. I love her sense of style and design, and bonus: she owns pugs! I also recently discovered a phone accessory call Popsockets. These clever items make it easy to hold on to your cell phone as well as making a convenient stand or earbud cord holder. Anyway, Marzia recently created her own design for a Popsocket, and I had to have it! It arrived in the mail yesterday, and I immediately stuck it on the back of my phone.


It stuck perfectly the first time, right where I wanted it! However, you can reposition Popsockets all you like.


 Here's a side view of the Popsocket. Here's where you hold it with your fingers, or you can wrap your earbud cord around it for convenient storage.


 I love how the colours she chose go so well with my phone!




 It's so much easier to take selfies now, and for Snapchatting!


Hope you have having a lovely Sunday! Cheers!