Revamped Halloween Card
#ootd Sorry it's a bit blurry! The blouse and cardigan are both @torridfashion, and the jeans are from @gap. #tgif

Friday Five October 14

So, this week's Friday Five will be another "To Do" List, but first I wanted to go back to last week's post, and see how well I did on that list, because whatever didn't get done last week, will have to get done this week. I am determined to get these things done! Okay, so I got the lawn mowed last Sunday, so there's one done. I also did some cooking over the weekend, so there's two. The CDs and stamps weren't even touched, so there's a couple for this weekend. I didn't get through my closet, either, however, I'm putting that one off, because I just made purchases at both Lane Bryant and Torrid, so I want to include whatever I keep out of those packages in my Great Seasonal Closet Switch-Out.

Also, I just want to note that while I didn't go through my CDs or rubber stamps, I did spontaneously go though my dozens of recipe books (you know, those little booklets you find at the checkout stands in grocery stores? yeah, I can't resist them!), and ripped out the 1 or two recipes I actually use, put them in a binder, and tossed the rest of the books. So, that felt good! Anyway, here's this weekend's "to do" list (also known as "Best Laid  Plans!"):

1. Go through the CDs, DVDs, and VHS tapes. I'm adding the VHS tapes because it's kind of embarrassing how many of these I still have even though they're basically obsolete, and I'm not even sure the VHS machine works anymore. I know I was keeping them for a Very Important Reason, but honestly, when am I ever going to rewatch those oh, so special movies or TV shows? Um, like, never!

2. Clean off the top shelf in the kitchen. Our kitchen cupboards don't reach the ceiling, so we have stuff displayed on the upper shelf. Unfortunately, it gets really dusty and gross up there, so it's time to clean things off!

3.  Do some stamping! Yes, I'm going to go through my stamps and see if there are any I want to sell on eBay, but I also have a couple ideas for cards and a scene I'd like to stamp out.

4.  Get some exercise. Saturday might be my only chance to go for a walk because it's supposed to rain on Sunday, but if it's not too bad on Sunday, I'll have to get out and at least walk around the block once or twice!

5.  Go through old pictures/negatives and toss them. I really need to do another round of Legacybox to have some more negatives digitized. I had some done last year, and it turned out pretty good, but I've got tons more. Yes, I should probably just shred them without bothering to try to figure out what they are or where there from, because obviously I haven't looked at them in years (in some cases decades!), but the fear of one day looking for a certain photo or negative and not being able to find it, and forever losing that precious memory is anxiety-inducing to me. And, I mean, it literally makes me sob and shake uncontrollably in a full-on panic attack. Also, in the past when I have impulsively tossed stuff I thought was ugly, or worthless, or figured I'd never use or need, I later discovered it was a priceless family heirloom and have been tormented by the loss ever since. Yeah, I just need to get over it, but sometimes it's hard to let things like that go!

Anyway, that's a pretty good list for this weekend. It'll be easier to do if it rains Sunday, so I'm really hoping for that! Hope you have a terrific weekend! Share your awesome, fun, or even dull and mundane plans in the comments! Cheers!