Friday Five & Monthly Resolutions July 1, 2016
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A Few of My Favourite Things (and some Not So Much) June 2016

I was bad in June and did a LOT of online shopping, so I actually have a LOT more Faves than Not So Muches this month, so let's get started:

1. First and foremost: my new car! I got a 2016 Kia Soul and named her Roxanne, or Roxy for short. She's delightful, pretty, and a joy to drive. Plus Bob and Dave at San Luis Bay Motors Kia were fantastic to work with!

2. And to go with my new car, I got a new license plate frame from my alma mater: Central Washington University!

3. Tarte x Grav3yardgirl Swamp Queen palette and lippies. I ended up getting both the lippies as well as the palette even though I rarely wear anything on my lips other than Blistix. I really like the neutral Texas Toast colour, and the Swamp Family (bright red) is gorgeous, although I have no idea where I'd ever wear it!

4. I also purchased a clip-on ring light from Flawless Lighting for my iPhone and I think it really does make my pictures look better!

5. Periodically I get coupons for free items from (usually through Vons), and this time it was for a set of 4 coasters. I chose to go with an ocean/water theme for them, and they turned out gorgeous!

6. And this last item is one of my all-time favourite nail polishes: OPI's classic Day at the Peach nail polish. It's discontinued, so it's hard to find, but I got a bottle, and fully intend to use it to the very last drop!

And, now for a couple things I did NOT like in June:

Another broken tooth. Gah! That's the third tooth I've broken in about as many years. It's another one that had a large filling in it, so that's probably why it was weak. It also has had a small chip for the past three or five years or so, so I figured it was just a matter of time before it broke off. Luckily it doesn't hurt, although there are some sharp edges, so I have to be careful not to rip my tongue up too much, but for now, I'm not in a hurry to call the dentist.

The weather: Lord, but it's been hot! We've had the use the air conditioner a LOT during the month of June, and I'm not looking forward to getting THAT bill! Gah!

 And, there you have it! Hope you all had a great June, and have a fantastic July! Cheers!