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A Few of My Favourite Things (and some Not So Much) May 2016

Welcome to my monthly favourites post - also known as A Few of My Favourite Things (and a Few Not So Much!). Sorry, I don't have any pictures to go with this post, but I will link each item so you can go check them out at your leisure!

1.  Shoes!! I bought FOUR new pair of shoes from in May and I love them all!

    First is a pair of flats (well they're ALL flats!) from T.U.K. called Doe a Deer Flat. (Modcloth comes up with its own cute and clever names for stuff, so don't be surprised if the names don't match!)

    Second is another pair from T.U.K., and they are called Sophistakitty flats.

    Third pair is by Latigo and they are awesome, open-toed flats with a gorgeous light olive green colour in the front and some amazing beading on the heel. They're gorgeous! I'm     obsessed!

    The fourth and final pair are a pair of white sneakers with a beautiful floral print.

    They are all really comfortable and cute and I'm looking forward to wearing them all summer (and beyond)!

2.  A couple make-up faves: First is Two Faced Mascara Melt Off. This is fabulous! You just brush on this oil-based product on your waterproof-mascara-coated lashes, wait a few minutes, then wipe it off. It makes removing waterproof mascara SO much easier! Next is the Benefit Cosmetics Dandelion Brightening Baby-Pink Blush. I've used this colour before, and really liked it. It's a really light pink with a faint shimmer which I think will be perfect for spring and summer! Also, it comes with it's own super soft brush, which I like as well.

 3.   The next one is a hair product: Living Proof Timeless Pre-Shampoo Treatment. Basically it's a hair conditioner you use BEFORE you shampoo! I understand this is a thing now, but this is the first product I've tried, and I really liked it. Basically you put this conditioner on your dry hair, let it soak in for about five minutes (I use this about the same time as I use the Two Faced Mascara Melt Off!), then shower, shampoo, etc., as per usual. I do feel my hair is coming out of the shower in better condition then when it when it when in.

4. My final Fave is actually a gardening tool: the Ryiobi grass and hedge trimmer combo. It's battery operated - which I love because, yay! no cords! And also, it works SO well! It took out my overgrown grasses like they were nothing, and trimmed up my rosemary bushes so cute! It's the best thing ever!

 And, now some things I didn't like so much in May:

1.  Being sick. I was sick all March and April, and was just starting to feel better the beginning of May, but caught ANOTHER cold, and was down for about two and a half to three weeks. I only this past weekend started feeling closer to 100% better.

Hope you had a great month of May! What were a few of your favourite things? Let me know in the comments! Thanks for stopping by! Cheers!


Monthly Resolutions - June 2016

The Monthly Resolutions is an idea I got from reading Kim's blog at The Kim I loved the idea of coming up with just a few things to accomplish over the course of one month as opposed to trying to accomplish a lot over the course of a whole year. I do still come up with New Year's Resolutions, but I love finding a few little goals that I can (or should be able to) accomplish in about 30 days.

In looking over last month's resolutions, I find I didn't actually accomplish ANY of them! And some of them will be moving up to June. Here's the list:

1. Find out when my car will be fixed. My mom's Honda Fit is under the Takata Killer Airbag Recall right now. When I called the dealership back in April about getting in to fix the problem they said they didn't have the parts in stock and it would be late May. Well, it's past late May and we haven't heard anything. So, I'll be making a phone call very soon!

2. Buy a new car. My Toyota Echo - which has been a VERY good, reliable car - is getting pretty old (14 years old!), so as soon as the Fit is fixed it's mine, so my mom will need a new car. I've got the choices narrowed down to three: Subaru Crosstrek, Subaru Impreza hatchback, and the Kia Soul. I just need to make sure whatever I choose will be able to fit in the garage!

3. Start reading again! I know I said this last month, but I never did pick up a book and read, so I'm dragging this Resolution over to June in the hopes I'll be able to accomplish it this time. I still have Love and Friendship by Jane Austen (which I bought for Lil's Austen's April Challenge), and I see now that they've made it into a movie, so I have double the reason to read it (a. I bought the dang thing, so I should read it, right? And b. the movie looks good!).

So, that's it! I think I'll keep it simple this month and just try to accomplish three things. If I manage to accomplish anything else ... BONUS!! What are you trying to accomplish this month? Let me know in the comments! Cheers!