Friday Five January 29
2016 Photo Calendar

Thingadailies: Upcycled Earrings

So, as part of my sudden onset crafting madness, I decided to make some stuff to donate to this year's Weetacon Charity Raffle. For this first piece (actually part of an earring trio, but for some reason I only took pictures of two of them), I used medium and small heart charms my mom and I made out of gold Sculpey clay, little gold key charms (purchased, not made!), and some wooden beads (I think the unphotographed third pair has smaller plastic beads) my mom found in our craft supplies, and slipped them all on some plain gold hoop earrings I bought (BUT NEVER WORE. Seriously I don't even know where they came from, since they're not my style AT ALL, and they were still on the display cardboard.) to create upcycled hoop earrings! Hopefully someone will like these! (And, even if they don't want to wear them, they can use the beads and charms to make their own upcycled jewelry!)