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Friday Five January 15

God, but this has been a crappy week! Tears for days! We lost David Bowie AND Alan Rickman! WTF? We also lost a local judicial officer, Commissioner Sefton. (I never had the opportunity to work with him, but I understand from people who did that he was a pretty nice guy.) We've also had a lot of chaotic changes at work, and just when we thought it was settling down into a nice little routine,  the chaos starts again.

le sigh!

So, anyway, I've been trying to think of something positive and upbeat to give you (and me!) on this semi-rainy, end-of-a-rotten week TGIF, and have decided to share five photos I took of pretty, serene garden statutes, which I included in my new calendar from Shutterfly (titled "Garden Zen"), and hope to receive soon. Please enjoy! Have a peaceful, lovely, joyous weekend. Cheers!









P.S. Are you going to Weetacon? I'm considering a couple of these pictures for the charity raffle. Would you put a ticket in a bag for an 8X10 of one of these pictures? (Or even a 5X7?) If so, which one? Let me know in the comments! It's about time to get going on my charity donation items!!!

Friday Five: January 8, 2016

TGIF, and welcome to the first Friday Five of 2016! I very nearly had an entry done for New Year's Day, but decided against the five Resolutions I'd chosen to write about. I'll be coming up with actual New Year's Resolutions later. For now, however, here are the five classic books I've decided to read for this year's Classic Book Challenge (not necessarily in order). Enjoy!

  1. Childhood's End by Arthur C. Clarke. (I watched the mini series on SyFy, and LOVED it! I'm excited to read the book!)
  2. Brave New World by Aldous Huxley
  3. Logan's Run by George Clayton Johnson ( I may have read this before, but I can't remember now. I know I saw the movie or series or whatever they had back in the 70s and thought it was pretty cool.)
  4. The Clockwork Man or Orlando by Virginia Woolfe (I don't know if I'll even be able to find either of these books, but I'm sure gonna try!)
  5. The Last Man by Mary Shelley.

I'm planning to check a couple local used book stores for these titles, but if nothing else I can just get them online. I know for sure I can get the nook version of The Last Man, and I'm sure the others are available in that format as well, The only ones I'm not sure of are the two Virginia Woolf books. But, if I can't find those anywhere, I'll just find another title. You may have noticed my theme for this year is Classic Sci-Fi! There's a lot to choose from, even though I've already read a lot of classics, and might add a few other titles if I have time this year.

Are you doing any Reading Challenges during the year? I know there's lots out there to choose from out there, so if you're so inclined, I'm sure you'll find something that fits your favourite genre! Happy Reading! Cheers!

One Word 2016

It's time again to choose a word to help inspire and motivate me for 2016. For 2014 I chose the word Adventure, and I actually was adventurous that year (as you can see from that year's Mayfly Project entry).  My word for 2015 was Create, and I failed miserably at that. I created next to nothing, with the exception of a few Christmas cards, and I was lucky to get them done! I actually spent most of 2015 in doctor's offices finding out what was wrong with me (final diagnosis: degenerative arthritis bilaterally in shoulders, wrists/hands, hips, pelvis, and knees), and getting treatment that works consistently enough for me to be able to get back to exercising regularly, and actually looking forward to doing stuff again.

Last week I visited the One Word 365 website for inspiration, and came up with a few words I've been contemplating: Enjoy, Simplify, and Go. Each word has meaning for me: Enjoy - obviously to encourage me to enjoy my life more; Simplify - something I've been working on all of 2015 and plan to continue this year; and Go - simply put: Go somewhere and do something.

So after much consideration, I have decided that my word for 2016 is (drum roll, please!):

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Monthly Resolutions January 2016

FYI, Kim is the inspiration for the Monthly Resolutions posts! Go check out her awesome blog!

So, I'm still contemplating my New Year's Resolutions for 2016, as well as my Word for the year, but in the meantime, here are a few things I hope to accomplish during this first month of 2016:

Reorganize my closet. While I've been getting rid of stuff in my closet, I haven't been keeping is as organized as I should be. I've got pants hanging with tops, shoes on the floor (and actually way more shoes than I have room for, so there's something else to get rid of!), and other miscellaneous junk I didn't know where else to put. I'll be fixing that and making it pretty and functional by February!

Cook more clean meals. The last few months I really slacked on my cooking, going for quick, easy, and more convenient dinners. Yes, it's a LOT of work to "eat clean", but I need to do better this year, starting with this month. Therefore, I vow to cook at least two meals from one of my many Clean Eating magazines each week this month. I'm off to a pretty good start with the Split Pea Soup with Smoked Salmon I made over the weekend! It was delicious, and I highly recommend it!

Do some stamping. I did a little better with my stamping last year, and would like to improve this year. Since El Nino has finally begun, there's a good chance that it'll be raining a LOT over the weekends, so going out and doing stuff will not be a good idea. Doing some stamping will help pass the time, keep me away from the TV, and help me be creative at the same time!

Write some letters. Yes, I'm talking old school, hand-written (okay, maybe typed; my penmanship is dreadful!), put a stamp in it, and drop it in the mailbox letters! I only have 1, maybe 2 friends to write to anymore, but I'd still like to give it a try!

Okay, I think that's good enough for one month! Do you have any resolutions - either for the whole year, or just the next few weeks? Let me know in the comments! Have a great January! Cheers!