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Friday Five January 22

TGIF!!! Why is it the short weeks are always the longest? I had Monday off for MLK Day - which was great! - BUT, trying to get five days worth of work done in four days is always a pain! It seems like it's worse when the holiday falls on a Monday, because I don't recall the last two weeks of 2015 being this hectic. Anyway, we made it to Friday, and here are five random thoughts for you.

1.   As I mentioned before, Monday was pretty awesome: I had the day off, so I got to sleep in, drink lots of coffee (before it goes cold!), and got to catch up on my soaps!

2.  My mom dumped the rain gauge (which she said was at 3") on Thursday, so I didn't get a picture of our weekly rain total, which is a bummer, but I'm sure we'll be getting plenty more rain before the El Nino season is over.

3.  I love that the sky is lightening just a little bit each morning and staying light a little bit each evening. It makes each day a little less depressing!

4.  I'm planning another crafting weekend, and hope to get some more Weetacon Charity Raffle Items made - should be fun!

5.  This morning there was an absolutely GORGEOUS sunrise! Sadly I was on the bus, so the pictures have the lights reflecting off the window, but you can still see just how spectacular it was.

So, what are you up to this weekend? Any fun plans? Let me know in the comments! Cheers!