Friday Five January 15
Teaser Tuesday: The 5th Wave by Rick Yancey

Crafting Weekend

So, we had a kind-of rainy 3-day weekend, and since we really couldn't go outside, we used the time to do some crafts. I've had packets of polymer clay in my crafting supplies for years, but never got around to making the dolls I'd originally planned on. I tore out a clay project from an old Better Homes and Gardens magazine, so mom and I rolled out some clay and made a few necklaces, and tried to make some bowls. The necklaces came out pretty good, imo, and I think they might become Weetacon Charity Raffle items. My only concern with them is that the necklace pieces I used aren't hooking together as well as I'd like. I'm afraid pieces will fall off. Anyone with jewelry-making skills out there, any suggestions you have for keeping the rings closed would be greatly appreciated!




None of the stamps I have left really worked for the projects, but I had a couple metal heart-shaped cutters in small and large, and used those instead. I also had one set of rubber stamp alphabet left to use to stamp the word LOVE in some of the clay. They'll go with the two hearts and a small key charm for a pretty little necklace.



I also tried my doll face to see what that looked like, as well as using my wax letter seal to see make a couple "medalions". None of these really turned out very well, so I"ll probably just chuck them, but it was fun to try and really great to finally use stuff up!



 All the clay I have has to be baked in the oven, so the bowls didn't turn out as cute as I'd hoped. I need to get some air dry clay and use some of my smaller dishes for cuter shaped. I also found some other fun projects to make with clay, and I'm looking forward to trying those as well.

How was your 3-day weekend? Did you go anywhere? Do anything fun? Or, just chill? Whatever you did, I hope you had a great time, and got to spend time with loved ones! Cheers!