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Unboxing: Campus Quilt

Last week I received two awesome presents in the mail: a custom quilt and pillow from Campus Quilt Company! You see, for decades now I have been lugging around all the t-shirts and sweatshirts from my high school and college years - a total of 10 shirts. They were taking up a lot of space, and I couldn't wear them anymore because I was very tiny then, and am really fat now, but I didn't want to just get rid of them because of the memories attached to them. I knew I should do something with them like make pillows or a quilt, but I'm not really so inclined to make pillows or quilts, so the shirts just sat there in a bin under the bed for a very, very long time.

Then my mom saw a segment on TV for Campus Quilt Company where they will take your old t-shirts and sweatshirts (or really any kind of shirt or clothing item), and make them into a beautiful keepsake quilt. She told me aobut it when I got home, and insisted I send my shirts into this company because God knows I was never going to get around to doing anything with these shirts myself, they are just taking up space, and I really can't enjoy them when they're sitting in a bin, now can I? So, after checking out the company's website as well as some reviews online, I decided it was an awesome idea, and sent out my college residence hall sweatshirts, other college shirts, t-shirts from my high school years and hometown area, as well as one sweatshirt I bought in Scotland to be transformed into something useful and amazing!

There are several different sizes of quilts depending on the number of shirts you have, as well as different options for the backing, sashing, even custom embroidery! I chose the 9-square lap quilt, and since I had an extra sweatshirt, opted for a pillow as well. After putting in my order, I was sent a small packet of instructions and samples of coloured swatches for the back and sashing. I got my shirts all together, numbered them in the order I wanted, filled out the order form with the colours I wanted, packed everything in a box, and mailed it out. 

Within a month, this box arrived (just FYI, everything was originally wrapped up beautifully, safely, and securely in heavy-duty plastic bags, but I couldn't wait to take pictures and opened them right away!):


And inside was an adorable pillow made from the sweatshirt I bought in Edinbrugh, Scotland in 1987:


And, this amazingly beautiful quilt made from my high school and college shirts:

I cannot even begin to tell you how very VERY happy, thrilled, and pleased I am with this quilt! It's gorgeous, it's hanging over my bed right now (I opted to have a wall-hanging sleeve for this exact purpose), and I smile every time I walk in my bedroom! Now I have all these great memories all in one place where I can enjoy it whenever I like! So, if you have some old shirts (college, high school, rock concerts, anything, really!), and you'd like to have a gorgeous quilt and pillow just like these, go straight to Campus Quilt Company's website and get started NOW!!!