Friday Five: December 25
Awesome glittery blue loafers from @modcloth #modcloth #shoes

Unboxing: BeautyCon BFF Winter Essentials Beauty Box

So, I recently signed up for a quarterly beauty box subscription from Beauty Con BFF. (WARNING: Before you head off to that website, let me tell you there are a couple annoying pop-ups on this page, one of which I could NEVER X out of, and prevented me from navigating the page. so I had to quit the page entirely and reopen it for information. Just FYI!!!) Four times a year they send out a box containing name brand cosmetics, fashion or jewelry items, and other fun little things. Each box seems to have a theme or celebrity attached to it. For example, the Winter Box was Bethany Mota, and previous boxes were Lolocat and Teala Dunn. (I don't know who any of the people are, which makes me think this might not be the beauty box for me!) It sounded fun, so I thought I'd try it out. There's an annual fee of $99.00, which is a lot of money, but you do get a lot in the box.


Super fun doodles on the outside of the box.


I love that they give you instructions for filming your unboxing and give you the necessary hashtags to share on social media!



There's the list of all the items in the box. There's a LOT of stuff! And, a lot of them are full-sized products!


The first is this Revlon Matte Lip colour. It's not really too matte, though, as there was still a shine to it after a few minutes after I swatched it on my hand. Also, this is not really a colour I think I would ever use, but it is pretty!


I really loved getting this Essie nail polish in Marshmallow because my previous white nail polish went bad, and I hadn't replaced it, yet! I tried to swatch it on one of my colour wheels, but you can't really tell since it's already white!


I'm not 100% sure what this is, but my guess is a highlighter for your cheekbone. It's shiny and glittery. I'm not really into all the contouring, highlighting, baking, or strobing that's going on in the make-up world right now, but I might try this to highlight my brow bone. Maybe it'll help make me look more awake!


Next up were some full-size products I can definitely use: mousse, hand lotion, and mascara!


There were a couple Disney Minnie Mouse items including the cute mouse ear headband above and the temporary tattoos below. I'm not sure I'd ever wear or use either of these products, so I might take them to work to leave on the back table. Some folks have teenaged girls who might like these.



This travel-sized Murad toner, however, I could definitely use!


This box had two gift cards in it - one for Aeropostale and the other for Nike Woman. I sincerely doubt I would find anything I could wear at Aeropostale, but maybe they've got some fun accessories. (Edited to add: I just went to the Aeropostale website, and they actually have plus sizes up to XXL in tops and 18 in bottoms!) The Nike one I'm very excited about! It's only $20.00, but I need some new exercise gear and that will help cut the cost a bit!


Finally, there was this blank notebook, which I can always use!

Overall this is a really fun box, and there are several products I will definitely use. I do believe this beauty box is geared more for teenaged girls, however, and I might check out some other boxes that might have items more age-appropriate for me.  This blogger has a list of every subscription box out there, and even has reviews of several of them! Definitely worth checking out!

Do any of you subscribe to any monthly or quarterly boxes? If so, what kind - beauty, fashion, food? Let me know in the comments! Cheers!