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Friday Five: December 25

Toys for Tots 2015

So, last Friday was our annual Toys for Tots party at work. We have a fun time with this yearly charity toy drive by doing a Secret Santa gift exchange, with a twist. We still draw names and keep quiet about who we're buying for, but the twist is each participant is randomly assigned a different age (usually between 3 and 15 or 16 years old). Then, instead of buying a gift for that person that they would use and enjoy now, we buy a toy or gift that we think that person may have played with or used at the age they've been assigned, then the toy is donated to Toys for Tots! For example, the woman whose name I drew was given the age 13. Now, I have worked with this woman for many years, and know that she loves to have her nails done. Every couple weeks or so she'll have different coloured glitter tips or a design on her fingernails. So, a gift box with different coloured nail polishes, glitters, and stencils was the PERFECT gift for her, and I'm sure some lucky little teenage girl will enjoy it as well!



In the end, we had about 40 presents to donate to Toys for Tots. Not a bad haul, though we have done better in the past. Hopefully these gifts will make a child's Christmas just a little merrier this year! Do any of you do charity giving at Christmas? If so, is it at the office, or on your own? Do you have fun with it, or just buy a toy to donate? Let me know in the comments! Cheers!