Friday Five December 18
We got about an inch of #rain last week. More expected Christmas Eve.

The Christmas Quiz

I blatantly and unashamedly stole this quiz from Mary, who got it from Mellificent and Pearl. Enjoy!

1. Do you know what you want for Christmas already?  I would love a new gym bag, as mine has started falling apart. Also, a new stove, and maybe a new coffeemaker. Are those fancy-pants ones that do single serve as well as full pots any good?

2. Have you done any Christmas shopping yet? We don't really do presents at my house, since my mom and I can just buy whatever we need, and also since we're trying to get rid of stuff, we're really trying not to buy any unnecessary items.  
3. Do you like Christmas?  I LOVE Christmas! I love the lights, decorations, and festivities!
4. At whose house will you celebrate this year?  We'll just be staying home this year, enjoying the 3-day weekend in our PJs!
5. Is there someone in your family you are not looking forward to seeing this Christmas? If so who, and why?  We don't really do family get-togethers anymore, but if we did, there's no one I wouldn't love to see.
6. Do you decorate the tree early, or late? This year I got it done early over the Thanksgiving weekend.
7. Do you use tinsel?  In general, no, because tinsel is a pain to deal with, but the artificial tree I purchased has lights and tinsel already on it.
8. Do you own any antique Christmas bulbs?  No, but I wish I did because the ones I've seen are gorgeous!
9. Do you put a star or an angel on the top of your Christmas tree?  I used to use my vintage light-up star, but my new pre-lit tree doesn't have a connector for a lighted tree topper, so I'm using an angel.
10. Do you hang stockings?  I always hang my two stockings, both of which my mom made, every year.
11. Do you drink eggnog?  Yes, I love eggnog, especially with gingerbread cookies!
12. Have you eaten a candy cane this year yet? No, but I've had some Ghirardelli peppermint bark. Does that count?