Teaser Tuesday: Mariel of Redwall by Brian Jacques
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Happy Holidailies!

Hey, hello, it's time for Holidailies again! Good LORD, where does the time go? It feels like only yesterday I was struggling to update my blog every day in December. But, I guess it was actually a year ago. A whole 365 days! And what have I accomplished in all that time? Very little actually, or at least it feels like it. I'll have to go back through my archives and see if anything interesting pops up!

So, anyway, I'm at it again, attempting to post on my blog every day for the month of December, and also doing the December Reflections photo challenge on Instagram (@sennalyn) because you just can't cram too much stuff into one holiday month, now, can you?

The answer is no. No you can't. So, hello and welcome to my Holidailies! Cheers!