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Friday Five: December 4

For those of you stopping by from Holidailies (Hi!), I've been doing this weekly bullet-list on Fridays for a while now. Typically I use it to recap my week and share a photo since I am a bad, bad blogger, and rarely update more regularly than Teaser Tuesdays! Recently I've been thinking of revamping my Friday Five to include some interesting links I've come across, or a quote, or a favourite whatever-I'm-enjoying-right-now. Maybe I'll work on that for next year. For now, however, here are five amazingly interesting things about this past week. Enjoy!

1.  I've been to the dentist twice this week. TWICE! Last month I broke a tooth, and had to have a crown made. This week the crown came in, and was installed on Tuesday. Tuesday night, after the numbing agent wore off, I realized my new tooth was too tall and I couldn't properly close my jaw or chew my food. First thing Wednesday I called to get an appointment to have it adjusted, and thankfully they had an opening THAT DAY! So, long story short, after a lot of time spent in the dentist chair this week, I now have a crown that fits much, much better in my mouth. It's not 100%, but it's good enough: I can close my mouth, chew comfortably, and am not in any pain. As far as I'm concerned, that's a big win!

2.  I just finished a bottle of a very wonderful perfume - Love Story by Chloe. I really enjoyed the fresh, light, floral fragrance the past couple of months, and will definitely be purchasing it again one day. Now, I'm trying to decide whether to jump into my go-to fragrance, Burberry Brit, or try a new rollerball I bought recently, Kate Spade's Walk on Air. Let me know in the comments if you have an opinion!

3.  OMG, PACKERS! YES!! WHAT AN AWESOME COMEBACK!!! (Sorry, the game just ended, and I'M SO EXCITED!)

4. Ahem. Anyway, looking forward, I recently purchased some cute Christmas accessories and clothes, and I'm very happy it's finally December, and I can start wearing them! I'm usually too late to the game to wear Christmas-themed earrings and sweaters, but this year, I was on top of it, and bought stuff early! Stay tuned for pictures!!

5. And speaking of pictures, here's a picture from this past March, and one of my favourite shots of 2015. Cheers!