Toys for Tots 2015
Unboxing: BeautyCon BFF Winter Essentials Beauty Box

Friday Five: December 25

Merry Christmas and welcome to a very festive Friday Five!

1.  My mom and I usually watch It's a Wonderful Life on Christmas Eve, but this year, we didn't. Neither of us was in the mood for it, I guess. We did watch the Charlie Brown Christmas Special, however, which I hadn't seen in a long, long time, and it was wonderful!

2. Because the busses are running a shortened schedule due to it being Christmas Eve, I had to drive yesterday. Which I hate. However, because it was so slow, our boss very kindly allowed us to leave a half hour early, so I was home well before all the traffic and chaos!

3. My mom and I don't exchange gifts on Christmas. Mostly because it's too stressful to go out and try to buy a gift for someone* (even someone you know really well!), plus, we can just go out and buy whatever we want. And, besides, we're trying to get rid of stuff anyway! This year, however, I did end up pre-ordering Spark Joy, the new book my Marie Kondo for my mom, and she bought me the memory quilt I shared earlier. So, 2015 was the year of gifting in our house!

4. Those of you who received Christmas cards from me this year realized there was no Christmas letter. No, you were not forgotten! I didn't write one. Since I hadn't done anything fun or interesting (except go the Chris de Burgh concert in Cupertino, which was AWESOME!!), there was really nothing to write about, so I skipped it this year. Hopefully next year it'll be a 2 pager!

5. I hope you all have a very Merry Christmas, and if you don't celebrate, Happy Friday (TGIF!!)! Cheers!


* That said, I do LOVE buying the Toys for Tots gift every year. There's really no pressure with that, and it's going to a good cause!