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Friday Five: December 4

December Resolutions

So, I have already decorated my house for Christmas, and all my Christmas cards are stamped and/or purchased and ready to mail, so I'm struggling to find things for my December Resolutions. (I started doing monthly resolutions after reading Kim's blog, and thought it was a fun idea!) The usual "don't drink so much eggnog/don't eat so many Christmas cookies or candies/etc." is off the table this year, because I've decided I'm just going to enjoy myself, dammit (and I'm exercising more, so I can afford the extra calories!). But, I think I've come up with a few things I could try to get done this month. Maybe.

1.  Get rid of more stuff. My closet and dressers are currently overstuffed due to a spending spree I embarked on last month, so I need to go through everything and get rid of more unworn/unwanted items.

2.  Decide on five classic books to read next year. I finished the last book on my list for this year back in October, and really enjoyed all my selections! I'm currently trying to decide if I want to go for a theme, like classic sci-fi, all Bronte sisters, or mid-century modern classics. Any suggestions would be helpful, welcome, and fun!

3.  Decide where to go on my March vacation next year. Weetacon is a given, but I have almost a week after that. A Facebook poll I took a while ago gave me several great ideas, so I just need to narrow it down (and hope a certain friend will be able to meet me at the destination to hang out for a while!).

That's all I can think of. I really don't want to stress myself out with lots of things to accomplish; I really want to enjoy this Christmas season - watch the corny movies, listen to the awesome music, enjoy the yummy food, beverages, and spend time with great people! So, I guess Enjoy the Season is December Resolution #4! 

Do you have any Resolutions or things you'd like to accomplish this month? Let me know in the comments! Cheers!