6:30 AM. #sky #clouds #earlymorning
It's been a while since we've had some pretty clouds, so I was happy to come out to this tonight! #sky #clouds #sunset

Friday Five November 13

1. So I recently received a POS coupon when I was shopping at Vons for a free reusable shopping bag from Shutterfly. Now, to be honest, I usually just toss the extra non-grocery-type coupons/ads, but this one caught my eye, and I thought, what the heck! So I logged into the website, chose a reusable grocery bag design I liked, picked a fun photo (this is one my favourite shots from last year's trip to Monterey, which I tentatively titled "Jellyfish Paparazzi"),and placed the order. The coupon code took care of the price of the bag, but I believe I still had to pay for shipping, tax, etc. Still, it wasn't too bad! And, I think it turned out really cute! I guess it pays to check out those store coupons after all!

2.  This past weekend I went though a couple boxes of old stamping magazines and a manila folder full of snippets I'd cut out of magazines, and photographed all of them so I could just get rid of the magazines and bits of paper. I couldn't believe all the random crap I had! It was so nice to toss all the miscellaneous junk! Some of magazines, though, I will try to sell on eBay, because, who knows, someone might like some old issues of Rubberstamp Madness!

 3. I also went though 2 boxes of stamped cards I created over the years, photographed the designs, and shredded them. I don't know why I was keeping all those; it was stupid, really! I feel so much better that they're all gone! I mean, I still have a picture of the design, if I ever want to check to make sure I don't make a duplicate (or if I DO, I have the design to copy!), so there was no point in keeping the actual card. I did, however, keep a bunch of my old Christmas cards (nearly 20 cards!) I've made over the years, and plan to use them up this year for various Christmas card exchanges. So, I apologize in advance is you happen to get a duplicate card from me, but I didn't keep track of who has received what in the past 15 or so years!

4. Last Sunday I broke a tooth, so I got to spend Tuesday afternoon at the dentist getting a temporary crown attached. Yay! Except, no, not really, duh, it sucks. I mean, My dentist is a really cool guy and all, but I prefer to see him for a few moments just a couple times a year, thankyouverymuch! Anyway, I get my permanent crown December 1st, which, thankfully won't be as painful an appointment as this was!

5.  So, that's all for this week! Happy Friday the 13th, y'all! Try not to walk under any ladders, spill any salt, or break any mirrors! Cheers!