Friday Five - August 21
Taking a Break from the Web

Friday Five - August 28

TGIF! Happy Friday to you all! Here are some random thoughts from my brain:

1. I feel a month of no internet coming on. I did this a couple years ago - I think it was 2012 - where I took the month of September off from surfing the internet, blogging, and social media. I allowed myself email (for family emergencies), texts (from my trainer and/or medical appointments), and eBay (in case I sold anything), and I believe I was allowed to do research and/or make necessary purchases online. Everything else, however, was a no-no: No Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Tumblr, or blogging. I think it might be time to do this again.

2.  I also feel a social media purge coming. At the very least I'm going to take some time very soon to go through my Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter feeds, and remove any stagnant friends and/or people who's posts or comments on certain topics offend me. Life is just too short to be upset or stressed out everyday because of what people are saying or doing online. 

Honestly, I believe the stress and emotional upset from constantly seeing offensive or hurtful posts and comments is one of the main reasons I feel the need to spend some time away from the internet. That and reading The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying Up (and listening to the audio version) has inspired me to reduce ALL the clutter in my life - not just the stuff in my house, but the stuff online as well!

3.  Speaking of online stuff: OMG, I can't believe I forgot The August Break this year!! It's one of my favourite photography projects and one I usually look forward to every year! I just don't know where my mind is at this year! Sheesh!

4.  So, I need a new mattress. My mom and I were going to buy new mattresses last weekend, but I really didn't feel like it, and neither did she. Mom opted to have me order a new mattress topper for her, and I figured I'd be just fine with what I have for a few more years, because really, it's not that bad! However, this past week I've been achy and sore, and I'm tossing and turning a lot more, and I think I just really need a new mattress! I just hate shopping for them! Gah!

5. And finally, your Friday Photo: a sunrise over Santa Margarita, taken about a week or so ago out of the bus window on the way to work. Have a great weekend, everyone! Cheers!